Frozen River

Took a quick visit down to the river to see the ice floes. The ice goes on for miles!

Merry Christmas!

I wanted to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas! I hope your Christmas trees fared better than ours-nothing too drastic, the tree is still standing. But we’re missing quite a lot of ornaments and some limbs need the metal bent back upwards again. =P Enjoy the day!

Santa’s Sleigh

santa's sleigh cats

“Santa’s Sleigh Cats”

-Painted with Golden acrylics.
-7 1/4″ x 10″ Wood
-Topped with two coats of gloss varnish.
-Signed, titled, and dated on the back by me!

Santa traded in his reindeer for some helpful cats to pull his sleigh!

The Duaflex II

Shooting the Duaflex

The other day I ordered some film for the Duaflex II and Brownie cameras to see if they still worked. Of course the minute I did, I was reminded of how much I enjoyed TTV pictures and wanted to do some more of those. But anyway, I loaded both cameras with film and decided that I’d take one camera along with each new shoot I thought up. Unfortunately, I forgot the first couple times. I remembered today and decided nothing was planned except our walk along the river, so why not take one of the cameras with us. I took the Duaflex. It’s pretty blah outside, it’s snowy and cold, but not snowing as in amazing snow and ice covered trees that take your breath away. Just snow and brown trees. *yawn* I ended up just taking a couple shots of the trees and Anna, then took a few pictures of Anna with the Duaflex. I had the Lensbaby Muse on (expecting large fluffy snowflakes to fall all around-which they didn’t until we got home. =P)

Duaflex II

Anna & Duaflex
I hope to finish off the roll in the Duaflex, which I think was black and white, and the roll in the Brownie, which I think was color, within the next month. I’m going to ship them off to The Darkroom in California for processing.

It’s Christmas Eve!

How exciting, Christmas is almost here! I had to take a couple more seasonal photos of the kids before the big day tomorrow and on the off-chance that the snow was all going to melt away. Thankfully it hasn’t, so we’ll be enjoying a cold, white Christmas. =) Hope you are all enjoying the holiday season with your friends and family.

My pretties

Shining Christmas

Golden light

Golden light

Merry Chickenmas!

Ever have one of those thoughts that has you questioning your own sanity? I do, often. Driving around looking for a store that has decent bikes for the kids (last minute Christmas idea) and bam! “Hey Mom, think we could find a Christmas outfit for a dog or cat that would work on one of our chickens?” Expecting absolute silence, silent judging from my mother on my sanity, she actually laughed and said that would be great, let’s do it! Maybe it wasn’t too crazy of an idea? We found a little Mrs. Clause dress with velcro that seemed like it would be a good fit. Which chicken of the six? It would have to be a white one so the red feathers didn’t clash with the red dress. Lillian! Lillian is one of the two white chickens with a longer tail than Golde, the other white one. So, yeah, that happened.

Merry Chickenmas!

Earlier I went through the house looking for Anna’s little deer. Long story short, we’ve lived in PA for 3 years and have barely seen a deer in the woods. We’re always driving around looking, but it’s so rare to actually spot one. So…

Deer in the woods

Candy Canes!

It’s hard to believe Christmas is almost here! Just two more days to go through! It also snowed so we’ll be enjoying a white Christmas, which is awesome. So today we went grocery shopping and Anna made a b-line to the candy canes. I’d mentioned a while ago wanting to photograph her holding some, which meant she’d get to enjoy a candy cane. Naturally, with the thought of eating a candy cane on the brain, she didn’t forget! (I had forgotten…)

Candy canes

Candy canes

sweets in the snow


Looking at my previous post, it’s like night and day! Dark and black to bright and white! =P

Winter Celebration!

The Weather Channel has promised snow on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We’ve been there before, seeing snow in the forecast, getting excited, then the day comes and they’ve wiped the snow off the map-literally. I’m *really* hoping this time it’s accurate! So perhaps to help the chances, these tabbies and tuxes are doing a celebration dance!

winter celebration 2012

By the way, I’m having a 20% off sale on paintings in my Sale Items section! Enter MEOW2012 at checkout to receive your discount! Time to try and clear out this year’s paintings to make way for next year’s! =D

Bringing Home The Christmas Tree

In a Volvo wagon of course! Thankfully our little Bettie Beige (who isn’t a wagon) doesn’t have to carry home a Christmas tree this way, we go the fake tree route. It’s just less messy and the cats are less-inclined to want to eat it.

Volvo Christmas

Plus, I wouldn’t trust Puddy cat or Merlin to safely get the tree home! Not with the way they argue in the car.

"You missed the turn!"