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Orchid, violet, purple, whatever you want to call it, is apparently a “hot” color for 2014. I could see repainting my old Royal purple. Maybe…

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Typewriter Ornaments!

type ornaments
I’ve finally gotten around to making some vintage typewriter ornaments, all glittery and sparkling, perfect for the writer in your life! =D

turquoise royal
green royal
red type

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The Mailboxes

Ok, not really square but...
I’m sure I’ve mentioned a few times here that I participate(d) in the Fro Knows Photo weekend photography contests. (It’s now monthly and I have no time, but check it out!) I started participating, along with my Mother, in 2011. The first time I won was with this photo of mailboxes at our local post office. To make a long story short, my Mom was inside the post office, I was sitting in the car. I had my camera. The theme for the weekend was “square” and I all of a sudden I’m staring at the post office boxes. I run in to ask permission to photograph them, and my Mom says, “They’re mine! I want them, let me borrow your camera!” Sure it was probably not my nicest moment, but I had to remind her that it was a contest and that you should always have your camera with you…i.e. no, I was taking the picture! Needless to say, it’s a sore (we can laugh about it) subject for her. =P
The MailboxesJared, the Fro of Fro Knows Photo, had asked me for a print of the picture, so I just sent him the file. Flash forward to now and he finally got it printed! He asked if I wanted a print of it, of course, wow! So with perfect timing, it arrived just after my birthday. =) He recolored it a bit and fixed the crop, I love it. It’s so neat on metal that it *looks* real.
The Mailboxes
Anna, my Mom, and I all ran over to the post office today to get a couple photos of the print in front of the real boxes. We showed our favorite postal lady the print and she thought it was fabulous! “Oh, is this the picture you guys fought over?” Yes, even she knows the story.

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Birthday Books and a Pet Show

July 24th was my birthday and it was the best weather day so far this July! Cool, at times cold, and no humidity! We went to a book sale at a local Episcopal church and scored on a lot of great classics. I had an internet friend visit from Alabama, which was super awesome! I showed her this tiny little town and stopped for a bite to eat at my friend’s restaurant. Then to finish the day, Anna begged me to let her take a kitten to the local pet show, which her best friend was going to along with Flurry the goldfish. I gave in and we went. Peaches ended up winning 1st place in unusual markings, 2nd place for prettiest eyes, and 3rd place for fluffiest-though technically he should have won 1st place for that. haha =P It was a great day.
Peaches, the winner

Good reading

Ginger invasion!

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The Duaflex II

Shooting the Duaflex

The other day I ordered some film for the Duaflex II and Brownie cameras to see if they still worked. Of course the minute I did, I was reminded of how much I enjoyed TTV pictures and wanted to do some more of those. But anyway, I loaded both cameras with film and decided that I’d take one camera along with each new shoot I thought up. Unfortunately, I forgot the first couple times. I remembered today and decided nothing was planned except our walk along the river, so why not take one of the cameras with us. I took the Duaflex. It’s pretty blah outside, it’s snowy and cold, but not snowing as in amazing snow and ice covered trees that take your breath away. Just snow and brown trees. *yawn* I ended up just taking a couple shots of the trees and Anna, then took a few pictures of Anna with the Duaflex. I had the Lensbaby Muse on (expecting large fluffy snowflakes to fall all around-which they didn’t until we got home. =P)

Duaflex II

Anna & Duaflex
I hope to finish off the roll in the Duaflex, which I think was black and white, and the roll in the Brownie, which I think was color, within the next month. I’m going to ship them off to The Darkroom in California for processing.

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The Boston Terrier and The Typewriter

Ok, so they’re not actually together in a painting…yet. Hrm…ideas…

boston terrier portrait

red i love you typewriter

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Volvo Christmas Cats

Sometimes I can’t help myself.

Volvo Christmas Cats

I find myself trying to photograph what I’ve painted. I’m glad my family and my cats are accommodating.

Volvo Christmas

The weather, on the other hand, isn’t very accommodating. Ah well, 2 out of 3 isn’t too bad!

Puddy & Merlin

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The Canon T70

Canon T70

I recently rediscovered my Mother’s old Canon T70. The camera that was always with us when we went on holiday to Mexico, around the states, all over. It was the family camera. I remember it having some pretty clear and beautiful pictures too. Maybe one day I’ll upload some of those San Felipe pictures, in horrible 80’s clothes, as a child. Then again, maybe I won’t. I had a perm too…let’s not talk about that.

Anna & Tiarnan

So anyhow, I purchased some AfgaPhoto Vista 100 ISO film, exp 2009, because from sample photos it looked like my kind of colors. Turns out, the color was definitely spot on! My skills with this camera, not so much. But that’s why I wanted to speed through a roll, changing settings, seeing what it’s capabilities were (sure next time it won’t be 100 ISO, a friend said 400 would be better), and I’m not too disappointed. Nevermind the actual pictures are rather meh, just simple shots as we took our river walk. I also don’t mind that a few of the photos had some light leakage, I like it. I’m going to give my Mom the other roll of the Vista film so she can play around with her old camera. I hope to try again, this time with an actual photo shoot planned out.


I couldn’t forget to photograph the chickens. All the reds were happy enough to pose for me.

chickens in film

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Top 5!

It's MY Doll

My “reflection” photo of Anna made it into the Top 5 over at Fro Knows Photo! Always exciting to have a picture chosen for the Top 5. This weekend’s theme is “down”. I have lots of ideas but none I’m totally in love with yet. Thankfully you have until Tuesday to take photos for the theme! =)

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The Reflection

I usually have a few pieces of paper in front of me where I randomly scribble out ideas for both paintings and photographs. One of my ideas was Anna in front of one of our old armoires, holding a doll, with the reflection being a ‘darker’ version of Anna reaching out for the doll. Due to lighting situations in the house, I changed it to a tall mirror in the forest. My mother kept asking when I was going to do that particular photo, and I kept putting it off. Well this weekend’s theme being “reflections”, my mom turned to threats if I didn’t take the shot… haha =) So we went out this morning and got it done. It’s not as dark as maybe I’d wanted to go initially, but I’m ok with that. The only problem is, I can’t decide if I like the black and white version, or the colored.

It's MY Doll

It's MY Doll

I took a little ‘behind the scenes’ of Anna in character. She’s always so willing to participate in photographs!

 a little behind the scenes