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Victorian Anna and Chicken

Every now and then I like to look back at some of my favorite photos of my daughter and then try to recreate them, so I can compare how much she’s changing. I thought this year would probably be the last that she could fit into the authentic Victorian top, and I was right! I just managed to get all the clasps fastened, but another inch and she would have been busting out of the top. She’s got another year or so to fit into the skirt, and there’s a cape she can wear instead of the shirt, for when I retake this in another 2 years.

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Crazy Cat Ladies and a Chicken

A friend of mine suggested the other day, that my Mother and I should do a Crazy Cat Ladies self-portrait photo shoot. This was after my Mom took a photo of me as the Crazy Chicken Lady-we tried to recreate my shot with my daughter and a chicken. Needless to say, my daughter is a much better model, and it’s much easier being behind the camera! So anyhow, dealing with poor lighting indoors, unruly cats bribed with treats and catnip, and then almost comatose cats (after they broke into the bag of catnip we forgot to put away), we managed a couple shots as Crazy Cat Ladies. =)

The Crazy Cat Lady

My Mother, the Crazy Cat Lady.

Crazy Cat Lady

Me as the Crazy Cat Lady

 Crazy Chicken Lady

The Chicken Lady…recreated. My Mother bought me this new Victorian outfit for our upcoming zombie walk.  I wanted to showcase it somehow, why not with a chicken?

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A Girl and her Chicken

Pet chicken

Ever have one of those nights when you’re on the verge of sleep, then an idea pops into your head? That was me last night. I had to jump out of bed and draw the idea out really quick, in case I forgot by the morning. These days I’m never really sure if the idea should be a painting or a photo. I’m going to try and do both, if possible.

Girl with a Chicken
There is a painting in the works, and I’m sure I’ll find a way to squeeze a cat into it, someplace. =)