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Orchid, violet, purple, whatever you want to call it, is apparently a “hot” color for 2014. I could see repainting my old Royal purple. Maybe…

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Typewriter Ornaments!

type ornaments
I’ve finally gotten around to making some vintage typewriter ornaments, all glittery and sparkling, perfect for the writer in your life! =D

turquoise royal
green royal
red type

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The Little Girl Who Could Fly

I’ve had this idea stuck in my head for a couple months now, but not wanting to do it in the freezing cold and snow, I’ve had to wait. Finally today it was warm and actually felt like spring! With the help of my Mom, son, and daughter, I got to do it.

ย A story about flying

Inspiration flew in

Paper planes

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The Boston Terrier and The Typewriter

Ok, so they’re not actually together in a painting…yet. Hrm…ideas…

boston terrier portrait

red i love you typewriter

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Little Brooches

As I was sitting making more ornaments, I remembered how I used to make little pins. I figured yesterday was as good at time as any to whip up a few. I came up with mini ghosts, witches, and my favorite typewriter. I’ll be working on a rainbow assortment of typewriter brooches, and maybe some more last minute Halloween ones.

Typewriter brooch

Typerwriter on a cloche hat

ghost kitty

Witch heads


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Royal Typewriters

turquoise on red
I love typewriters. I love the happy colors these would come in! I remember playing on my mother’s typewriter in her shop, imagining way before I knew how, that I was typing a hundred words a minute. The downside was how heavy they were. Boy were they heavy! The last typewriter we had was one of the REALLY old ones, all black, heavy as a house it seemed. Anyway, I figured if you like typewriters but don’t like the weight of them, the space they take up if you really like them, then how about a painting of one?



green royal typewriter

grey typewriter