Woodland Princess

I’ve been so ridiculously busy with holiday orders, that I haven’t had time for any pictures. I thought I’d take a quick 5 minute break this morning.



Black and White Challenge

A friend nominated me for some black and white challenge- 1 image a day for 5 days. Naturally I can’t take just one picture. Anna was first up.

Hooray for Autumn!

IMG_20141014_0001-1Although today is an particularly unseasonably warm October day, it’s still autumn! The wind was blowing like mad, throwing leaves from the trees, down the street. I could see them flying past my second story window as I painted. Tomorrow we head to the forest! Today, Puddy cat, dear old Puddy cat, got a little tromp in the leaves and a walk.

Ok that’s not Puddy above, that’s Bandit who has adopted us, even though he technically lives across the street. He and two other neighbor cats greet us every morning and afternoon for food on the porch. 

The Little Red Tree

My plan was, a beautiful foggy, crisp autumn morning, photos of this tree… Nope, no fog. I stuck with it anyway. My Mother spotted this little tree in the Home Depot parking lot of all places. I loved the colors, and that it was for the most part isolated.

Taking Rosebud For A Walk

It’s easier said than done. Rosebud, the tiny little kitten who wanted to drive Barbie’s VW New Beetle, grew into a behemoth!

The Little Pig

Even though it’s the middle of July, today was cold and rainy. I’m not complaining, but I wasn’t expecting it when I talked over our next woods shoot with Anna. This was not the original idea, that’ll have to wait. However, I thought it was common knowledge that you don’t leave a fire unattended in the forest? Apparently not. While driving to find a spot, I saw the smoke and pulled over. No one was around, no tents nearby, nothing to show any person was using this spot. Yet, there it was, a fire burning in the fire pit. So we waded through the mud and got a shot.