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I had this idea that my Martha Stewart glitter would be amazing inside bubbles. Turns out, it’s too heavy, or sharp, or something and it didn’t work. So I think I’m going to have to look for pre-glittered bubble liquid, this exists right?

Reflections in a bubble


When I found out that bokeh was created when the bubbles popped, the idea of glitter was suddenly less interesting. =P

Bubble Bokeh

Β Bubbles

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Royal Typewriters

turquoise on red
I love typewriters. I love the happy colors these would come in! I remember playing on my mother’s typewriter in her shop, imagining way before I knew how, that I was typing a hundred words a minute. The downside was how heavy they were. Boy were they heavy! The last typewriter we had was one of the REALLY old ones, all black, heavy as a house it seemed. Anyway, I figured if you like typewriters but don’t like the weight of them, the space they take up if you really like them, then how about a painting of one?



green royal typewriter

grey typewriter