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Candy Gettin’ Time – New Painting

Newest painting under my Picklelips line. A funky cat and skeleton are ready with their young ones, to go get some candy! This is a large 18″ x 24″ acrylic painting on canvas. Copyright © Ryan Conners.

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A New Art Endeavor!

Hi Everyone! For the past 15 years I have been painting my Kilkenny Cat paintings, and every now and then I would paint something a little different, and most every time I did I would get concerned comments that I was changing my art. The latest one really made me start thinking about what that implied, and honestly I didn’t like it. I shouldn’t be tied to someone else’s expectations of what my art should be. My art is my own, and it’s whatever I want it to be, what ever I want to paint, you know? Not everyone is going to like it, and I don’t expect them to-where it’s my usual kitties, or my 3 a.m. Monster kitties, or funky kitties…or Picklelips.

Ryan Conners
KilkennyCat Art and Picklelips

So with that said, I decided to create a second art profile where I paint whatever silly idea pops into my head, not specifically “what are the kitties doing today,” but just any random thought. With that, I want to introduce Picklelips! My new outlet for fun and funky paintings. Sometimes I’ll even paint the same subject, like a KilkennyCat vs Picklelips kind of thing…which I’ve already done twice! If you’re interested in following the Picklelips Art, you can find it on Twitter @PicklelipsArt, Instagram @PicklelipsArt, Facebook @Picklelips.