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The First Real Snow

Not just of 2015, but of this winter! We didn’t have a white Christmas, which honestly is one of the reasons we moved here to Pennsylvania. But one non-white Christmas out of 4 (or has it been five years??) isn’t too bad! Sometimes I have a hard time remembering how it was all those years, growing up in Southern California with no snow on Christmas. =P

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First Snow

We had some real snowfall the other day (Nov 7th) and I completely forgot to mention it! Sure it didn’t stick, but for a while it was falling nice and hard.

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April Snow

I just wanted to take a minute to point out that it’s snowing in April. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the Pennsylvania mantra of, “Don’t plant your seeds until after Memorial Day.” I get it, snow. I don’t like it, but I get it. We been here 4 years, and each year I’m surprised by how long spring actually takes to arrive. Did I mention we just had 3 days in the 70’s?

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Frozen River

Took a quick visit down to the river to see the ice floes. The ice goes on for miles!

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The Rockland Tunnel

The tunnel
We decided to take Fionnoula on a walk through the Rockland Tunnel today and take some pictures. I wanted to go early in the morning, since every morning I’ve left for work at the deli it’s been super foggy out. Of course it wasn’t today… Next time? Anyhow, I love this old tunnel! Built in 1915 as a railway tunnel, the craftsmanship that went into creating this half mile tunnel is superb. Unfortunately, like with everything, it’s been tagged to hell on the inside, with said taggers leaving their trash along the walls. It’s not even interesting or artful graffiti, it’s just crap like, “insert name sucks insert body part”, or backwards swastikas, badly drawn marijuana leaves, etc. There was one that made me stop in my tracks as I was using a flash. I didn’t include it in the photos below, but I’ll eventually share it. It was an outline of a woman’s body in a little alcove. The flash made it seem as though someone was standing there in the shadows. Kind of creepy! But today I’m just sharing pictures of Anna and Fionnoula “exploring” the tunnel. =)
Do you see the lights?
Did you hear that?
On the inside
The way out

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Hello Autumn!

I’ve been working so much between the deli and my art, that I feel as though I’m missing the beginning of autumn. So the other day we went for a walk along the river, at Oil Creek State Park. It seems I was partly correct as most of the leaves had fallen already on this pathway I’d been looking forward to walking. Oh well, we still managed some shots.


Falling leaves

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Ahh Spring!

Next to autumn, spring is my favorite time of year. I look so forward to the buds on trees, flowers, birds singing… I’m not really sure when “spring” is going to come this year. I’ve never been one to poo-poo snow or winter-I absolutely love it.  I’m just a little tired of it now even though everything looks so beautiful. We took a little walk this morning to take in the snow falling.

Snow walk

Waiting to go out



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The Hunter and The Deer

The new theme for this weekend is, “Victory/Defeat.” Trophies were the first thing that popped into my head, but not your standard winning trophy you’re awarded after a job well done at your sport. I’m going to go ahead and blame the fact we’re in Pennsylvania and always out looking for deer to photograph. Anyhow, hunting came into my mind. I mean, hunting for “trophies”, not hunting to feed your family. You do what you have to do! So yesterday I whipped up some paper mache antlers (I’m totally aware female deer don’t have them, but it’s fantasy) and a bow for my son.

The Hunter and the Deer

Aimed and ready

 But the deer was too cute

 So they decided to be friends


Thankfully my children are always willing to be my models, especially when one gets a new play bow out of it, and the other gets to look like a deer. =)