Seasick, Yet Still Docked

seasick, yet still docked
This dock has a longer piece, that apparently they haven’t put back on this year.

 Ok, I totally borrowed that title from Morrissey, but it was the only thing that kept running through my head today as I shot these photos. I love everything nautical. Well, not for me but for Anna. The past 9 birthdays have had nautical themes…or at least she’s worn a nautical-inspired dress or outfit. (The Hello Kitty cake request almost launched the nautical theme overboard on her 8th birthday…) Anna doesn’t appear to mind it, in fact she’s requesting origami boats and Hello Kitties on her birthday cake this year. I think I can create something like that. =)

seasick, yet still docked
I was pleased the wind picked up.
longing to be at sea
That’s actually a lake, since we’re in Western PA, but shhh.

What’s up, duck?


Toulouse & Tilly, when we brought them home at the beginning of March!

Ducks…ducks grow fast. Ducks, or maybe just these Khaki Campbell ducks, are apparently not ‘domesticated’ like chicks/chickens seem to be. Growing up in Los Angeles, we had a mini farm in the city with a couple geese, ducks, and even a peacock! My Mother loooooves duck eggs, and while I’m not sure I do (I have a love/hate relationship with eggs-one day I love, the next they’re slimey and hideous) I remember as a child blowing duck eggs out and painting them. I plan on showing my own children how to do this! Anyway, we have two ducks in the basement under a heat lamp, with a space to roam and spill water all over. It’s still snowing here so they can’t go out yet, but wow they grow super fast! I can’t wait to introduce them to the chickens-I hope that goes smoothly. As it turns out, I think we got two female ducks because they weren’t sexed when we got them, which is totally fine. They also might be the migratory kind, so I’m sure we’ll be bidding them adieu at some point. =(

Anna with Tilly, March 11th


Toulous, March 27th

Khaki Campbell

Anna & Toulouse

Happy Thanksgiving

To all of you who celebrate it! We’re eating some chicken breasts stuff with mozzarella and possibly topped with bacon, some sweet potato mashed…potatoes, probably stuffing, buttered and garlic’d asparagus, and some New York pumpkin cheesecake.

But this morning I had to get this little idea out of my head, so we went out again and brought along a horse. One day we’ll make friends with someone around here who has real horses, but for today Anna’s Butterscotch did the trick. We waited for the sun to come up over the mountains and over the trees, then we went to Grandmother’s…ok not really, but we did wait for the sun. The hunters were out in full force this morning, guns-a-blazing, and dogs howling. Needless to say, as the gunshots got louder and more frequent, we wrapped up the shoot and got the hell out of there!

In the field

At the stable

What are your plans for this Thursday?

At the stable

The Woodlands

the woodlands

One thing I absolutely love about Pennsylvania is the woods. Waking up early in the morning to drive around the forests, looking for deer and other wildlife to catch a photo of. We’re a little intimidated to actually go IN the forest, because there seems to always be hunters lurking about. That and black bears.

Deer in the woods

Sweet little deer

The Hunter and The Deer

The new theme for this weekend is, “Victory/Defeat.” Trophies were the first thing that popped into my head, but not your standard winning trophy you’re awarded after a job well done at your sport. I’m going to go ahead and blame the fact we’re in Pennsylvania and always out looking for deer to photograph. Anyhow, hunting came into my mind. I mean, hunting for “trophies”, not hunting to feed your family. You do what you have to do! So yesterday I whipped up some paper mache antlers (I’m totally aware female deer don’t have them, but it’s fantasy) and a bow for my son.

The Hunter and the Deer

Aimed and ready

 But the deer was too cute

 So they decided to be friends


Thankfully my children are always willing to be my models, especially when one gets a new play bow out of it, and the other gets to look like a deer. =)