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Happy World Photography Day!

Today celebrates a lot of things, apparently! It’s World Photography Day, National Photography Day, World Honey Bee Day, National Potato Day, and many others. I couldn’t possibly paint something for everything, but I did merge some of the things.

The Bee Photographer

Once upon a time, I took countless photos of my children while they were growing up. I loved having them stand awkwardly, in little themes I’d made in my mind. They always were eager to participate!

The Photographers
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Happy Lefthander’s Day!

The Left Handed Cat

It’s our day! We get a day! Go forth and smear some ink, fellow lefties! Raise your left hand in the comments to let me know you’re out there celebrating today!

Like my lefty cat illustration? You can buy it over in my Teepublic shop!

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Halloween Ornament Pre-Sale!

Ornament Pre-Order! Pre-order ends August 21st, and orders ship by September 4th. (dates are subject to if they sell out before the end date.) This will most likely be my last Halloween ornament pre-order for the year so I can focus on new Halloween paintings! I’ve added in three different road trip ornaments as well-a bit earlier than normal for those. Numbers are very limited so I can control how many I will make. I’ll be enlisting my mom and my youngest to help me squish the clay this time, so my wrist isn’t sad.

If there is an ornament you absolutely want but it isn’t available, send me a message before you order and I’ll make it available.…/kilkennycat-ornaments/

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Telling Ghost Stories

Two kitties telling ghost stories by the campfire! It’s more fun with creepy guitar noises and dressing up as a ghost!

Do you have any ghost stories, any experiences? Do you believe in ghosts? I’ve had quiet a few experiences over the years, things that I can’t explain. One of the earliest memories was in a big old house we lived in in Inglewood, California. My brother and I shared a room (even though we had guest rooms…) and one day our two Doberman Pinschers, Max and Chief, started fighting. My mom and stepdad sent us up to our room to stay out of the way. We both sat on my brother’s bed which was next to the wall with a window. With our legs dangling between the bed and the wall, we sat there watching out the window to the yard below, as my mom, stepdad, and a couple of my mom’s workers tried to separate the dogs with water from a hose.

The Eternal Dance, โ’ธย Ryan Conners

Suddenly I felt hands on my legs and they were pulling, like trying to pull me under the bed. I started panicking and crying, my brother sat next to me looking at me like I’m losing my mind. I scream out that someone is pulling my legs, and scream for my mom. All the adults come running into the house, upstairs to our room, because I’m screaming bloody murder, holding on to the bed. My stepdad grabs me and pulls me off the bed, asking what is going on. I tell him and there’s confusion like, what? What do you mean? They look under the bed, nothing. Look in the closet, and then start looking around the house for someone. They didn’t find anyone. My legs had marks all over that they couldn’t explain. To this day, I refuse to have my bed alongside a wall.

Ghost, โ’ธ Ryan Conners
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It’s My Birthday Month!

To celebrate my birthday, let’s have a Big Birthday Bash Sale! 50% off ALL original paintings! Yes, 50%!!! Coupon code: BIRTHDAY at checkout! Thank you to all of my fans, old and new. I appreciate you all so much, and I hope you enjoy my birthday gift to you! <3

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Happy National Camera Day ’23

“The Photographer Kitty”

-Painted with Golden acrylics.
– 10″ x 8″ Mounted Wood
-Topped with two coats of matte varnish.
-Signed, titled, and dated on the back by me!

It’s National Camera Day and kitty couldn’t wait to go out and take some pictures!

Copyright ยฉ Ryan Conners

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Road Trip Kitties!

I took a quick 5 hour road trip to Maryland a couple weeks ago. It was only meant to be a three day visit, but ended up being two weeks. I noticed my Volvo s40 was pretty loud while driving, and remembered when my 244 Volvo was the same…wheel bearing probably. So when I got to Maryland I took it to a mechanic that had two 240s in the parking lot. I figured hey, they obviously work on Volvo’s! Anyway, long story short, they replaced the wheel bearing but it was causing issue with the abs/anti-skid, aka they weren’t working. They said I should be fine to drive home and when I’m back on the 10th of July, they could replace it. Nope. On Wednesday I drove maybe 10 minutes out of town, had a car in front of me stop short, which made me have to brake hard, and we slid. Wheeeeeee! I said nope, not driving 300 miles without abs! So I turned around and went straight to the mechanic, explained what happened, and by this Monday we were back on the road heading home. I’m now home, and back to making art! <3

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There’s Love in the Air!

Newest paintings and an illustration, for Valentine’s Day! <3

17 years of painting chonky Cupid Cats!
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Mr. Fluffernutter Buttersocks

No surprise, but it seems like every time I order new glasses, I have to make a kitty with glasses painting. Sure I paint kitties with glasses all the time, and no I’m not getting new glasses every time, but this time, I am. This is Mr. Fluffernutter Buttersocks. He’s adjusting to his new glasses.

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First New Paintings For 2023!

New Year, New Me!

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been a bit slow to update the blog. Chrome and my blog weren’t getting along so it was hard to post. I hope you all had a fantastic New Year celebration! Here are my latest paintings for 2023. As always, heavily leaning towards holidays, with some random things in my mind painted as well. <3

Urbex Cats 2
Coffee Love
Bird Watching 4
Love Cat
Making Valentines
DJ Fang
Be Mine
Camp Meowy Lake (For Fri 13trh)
I’m a light eater…
I’m A Rabbit
Kitty’s Noodles
Valentine Kitty