Surf’s Up!

Surf's Up, Riding the Wave

Surf’s up, dude! This is the sequel to a pretty random drawing I did a couple years ago. It started out for “drawing day” on RedBubble, then turned into a painting. I thought it was time to see the cat actually in the water. =)


Sea Days

Sea Days

She loved to stand in the ocean, dreaming of being at sea on her own boat. The cats, however, spent their time in little boats beside her.

Cats on Summer Holiday

Cats on holiday

We’ve never lived in a place where we weren’t by the ocean, so living in Pennsylvania probably wasn’t the best pick for us. We think this in hindsight, of course. From Long Beach, California, to Reykjavik, Iceland, Alicante, Spain, Portland, Oregon……….to Oil City, PA. Odd choice right? Anyway, even though we’re right by the river, it just doesn’t equal the ocean. (plus I don’t think anyone goes in the Allegheny, not here.) So today’s painting is about a Summer Holiday to the beach, or to a pool, somewhere where there’s palm trees-oh how I suddenly miss palm trees!

Cat’s on Vacation. =)