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The Mailboxes

Ok, not really square but...
I’m sure I’ve mentioned a few times here that I participate(d) in the Fro Knows Photo weekend photography contests. (It’s now monthly and I have no time, but check it out!) I started participating, along with my Mother, in 2011. The first time I won was with this photo of mailboxes at our local post office. To make a long story short, my Mom was inside the post office, I was sitting in the car. I had my camera. The theme for the weekend was “square” and I all of a sudden I’m staring at the post office boxes. I run in to ask permission to photograph them, and my Mom says, “They’re mine! I want them, let me borrow your camera!” Sure it was probably not my nicest moment, but I had to remind her that it was a contest and that you should always have your camera with you…i.e. no, I was taking the picture! Needless to say, it’s a sore (we can laugh about it) subject for her. =P
The MailboxesJared, the Fro of Fro Knows Photo, had asked me for a print of the picture, so I just sent him the file. Flash forward to now and he finally got it printed! He asked if I wanted a print of it, of course, wow! So with perfect timing, it arrived just after my birthday. =) He recolored it a bit and fixed the crop, I love it. It’s so neat on metal that it *looks* real.
The Mailboxes
Anna, my Mom, and I all ran over to the post office today to get a couple photos of the print in front of the real boxes. We showed our favorite postal lady the print and she thought it was fabulous! “Oh, is this the picture you guys fought over?” Yes, even she knows the story.