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Happy September!

Ryan Conners

“Watching the Leaves Fall!”

-Painted with Golden acrylics.
– 10″ x 8″ Mounted Birch Wood Panel
-Topped with two coats of matte varnish.
-Signed, titled, and dated on the back by me!

Rosie was enjoying a fresh cup of coffee and watching the leaves fall, while the neighborhood cats played around outside.

Copyright Β© Ryan Conners

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Two Little Ghosts

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Hooray for Autumn!

IMG_20141014_0001-1Although today is an particularly unseasonably warm October day, it’s still autumn! The wind was blowing like mad, throwing leaves from the trees, down the street. I could see them flying past my second story window as I painted. Tomorrow we head to the forest! Today, Puddy cat, dear old Puddy cat, got a little tromp in the leaves and a walk.

Ok that’s not Puddy above, that’s Bandit who has adopted us, even though he technically lives across the street. He and two other neighbor cats greet us every morning and afternoon for food on the porch.Β 

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The Little Red Tree

My plan was, a beautiful foggy, crisp autumn morning, photos of this tree… Nope, no fog. I stuck with it anyway. My Mother spotted this little tree in the Home Depot parking lot of all places. I loved the colors, and that it was for the most part isolated.

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A Foggy Autumn Morning

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Kittens in Scarves…and a Dog

Pierre in a scarf
Ok, so I wasn’t sure if I’d get around to taking photos of the kittens in scarves, like I did the cats last year. Guess what? I did! I had an hour to spare and my Mother was willing to be the cat handler. Enjoy cute kittens in scarves!
Rosebud in a scarf
Willow in a scarf
Claire de Lune in a scarf
Fionnoula in a scarf
Dorian in a scarf
Apple in a scarf
Peaches in a scarf
Pierre in a scarf

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More Autumness

Resting under the tree
A friend recently said to me that if I wanted more reds and yellows during autumn, the Eastern part of the state is where I wanted to be. Well, who knew?! I guess it’s just another slight downfall to buying a house online and moving across country. Everything seems so…brownish here, unless you’re looking at trees in people’s yards, there you’ll see the reds and yellows!
Tiarnan and Fionnoula
the leaf dancer

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It’s finally starting to really look like Autumn around here! Our neighbor has the two best trees on the block, so we always go over and ask if we can utilize his yard. Thankfully, he always says yes. =P
Autumn reading
Sitting for a spell
Sitting for a spellTomorrow we’re waking up early (hoping there’s fog again) to photograph the scenery.


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Hello Autumn!

I’ve been working so much between the deli and my art, that I feel as though I’m missing the beginning of autumn. So the other day we went for a walk along the river, at Oil Creek State Park. It seems I was partly correct as most of the leaves had fallen already on this pathway I’d been looking forward to walking. Oh well, we still managed some shots.


Falling leaves

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Kids and Leaves

It wouldn’t be normal if I didn’t include some pictures of the kids in the leaves at the neighbor’s house. Anna could barely contain herself and kept walking around and making leaf piles. Late in the day she ended up grabbing armfuls of leaves to decorate our little Halloween cemetery in front of the house.

Anna in the leaves
This picture is after Anna crumbled leaves into my hair, then giggled and ran off. I decided she also needed leaves smashed into her hair.

Leaves stuck in the hair
Tiarnan and *his* cat Merlin.

Tiarnan and Merlin

This is from two years ago, same leaves, same kids (ha ha), just smaller. I love seeing how they’ve grown!