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Out of Coffee

“Out of Coffee”

-Painted with Golden acrylics.
– 12″ x 9″ Studio Wrapped Canvas
-Topped with two coats of matte varnish.
-Signed, titled, and dated on the back by me!

Oh no! It’s the absolute WORST, running out of coffee!

Kitty inspired by this little guy:

Copyright Β© Ryan Conners

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Happy Record Store Day!


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Claire and Anna

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Claire's kissing booth

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Happy Halloween Eve!

Rosie in a VW Pumpkin

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The Eternal Dance

The Eternal Dance
Just a quick little photo shoot to end the day. It was rather hard to keep the kittens out of the shot. This kitten, Apple, worked rather well so I kept him in. =)

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Merrick Cat Food – Klout Perks


I’m not really sure how I stumbled upon, but saw a few of my friends there and decided why not sign up. Mind you, I haven’t paid attention to it because I’m still not entirely sure what’s going on there, but the other day I received an email regarding Β “Klout perk.” I could claim this perk from Merrick, a pet food company that makes grain-free cat food. Always willing to have the kitties try new food (since California Natural and Solid Gold were recalled not too long ago…) I accepted the perk! Flash forward 2-3 weeks later and it arrived! First off, the box was super cute and a lot more than I expected for a sampler box. There were two samples of the wet cat food, a sample of hard food for adult cats, a blue and white checkered napkin, menus, a plate, and a cute little pink collar with charms!


After a lottery, Rosebud was chosen to have the first sample of wet food with a sprinkle of hard food (ok there wasn’t a lottery…he’s just so damn cute) and boy did he like it! We let him have quite a go at the sample before passing it on, but as you can see from the last photo, it was chop-licking-good. =)

Rosebud trying Merrick Cat Food

The highest praise, however, came from my cat-loving friend who mentioned that her cats eat Merrick cat food! I had no idea, I guess it’s not a subject we’d covered before. One of her cats has diabetes and has a strict diet. Knowing Merrick is good enough for her cats, I think we’ll definitely have to see about getting some for ours.
Rosie likes it!

Merrick cat food, Rosebud-approved!

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Reading by the Fire

Reading by the fire
Ahh, it’s feeling like Autumn today! (Yesterday was miserable, so let’s not talk about that) I thought I’d do a little photoshoot with Anna, a book, the fireplace, and some old fake logs. Oh and why not a chicken! It’s been a while since I involved a chicken in a shoot. Kittens kept photo-bombing the shots, but that’s ok.
Cat bombed the shot
Unfortunately, I can’t decide which I like the most, so I had to upload them all.
Reading by the fire

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Going to Amma’s and Taking the Cat

Going to Amma's

Once upon a time, when I was maybe 8, I ran away from home with my older brother. We were being rather bad and tossing notes over the fence of a school across the street. When we were busted and knew they’d called our parents, we came up with the brilliant plan of running away. Where would we go? No clue, we’d just walk! I put on my best dress, fishnet tights, and my Strawberry Shortcake doll. Somehow we ended up on a military base of some sort in Newhall, Ca (I think it was Newhall) and at a guard’s insistence, my brother caved and gave our phone number to him so they could call our parents. I was disappointed.
Going to Amma's and taking the cat

This quick little shoot wasn’t depicting a child running away, but as I was dressing Anna, my Mom brought it up. Instead of Strawberry Shortcake, Anna was taking the cat…but not running away, just going to her Amma’s house. =P
Going to Amma's

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Rosebud in a Pumpkin

rosebud in a pumpkin
I’m really hoping our blue pumpkins grow this year! The past couple years the pumpkins have been overtaken by either blight or eggs from squash bugs or the little white butterflies that lay their eggs under the leaves. Crossing my fingers, because I’ve got a few little ginger kittens that might want to pose in a blue pumpkin!