Day 8 and 9 Inktober

I didn’t miss these days! I posted them on Twitter and my IG but didn’t post them on the blog, so this is me catching the blog up. =)

Day 6 – Inktober


Ooof it was close, but I was so busy with new paintings and then WoW raid tonight that during break I squeezed in a husky cat drawing. Sorry for the quality, I didn’t have time to scan it.

Day 5 – Inktober

Ryan Conners

Ha! It was close, I had some ideas of you know…cats “building things” like… sandcastles in the cat box, but then the only thing I know from some movie is a song about building snowmen. That’s when it hit me. “Do you want to build a pumpkinman!?” Ya!

Inktober 2019 – Day 2


Day 2 I’ve learned my Micron pens don’t really live that long after using them on acrylic paintings, so I should probably buy more for Inktober (and for…paintings.) I’m going to make it a habit to start every morning of October with a little drawing for this challenge. I decided that cats are my thing, so I should probably have a cat in every drawing. That said, thinking of something for “mindless” was hard until I was like, “Wait, cats aren’t actually testing gravity by knocking stuff off of things, that’s pretty mindless…”

Inktober 2019 – Day 1

Ryan Conners

Every year I’ve seen the Inktober thing happening, but I’ve never managed to participate. I thought I’d start this year. I’m not really a “drawing” artist. I have an idea, I draw a rough draft and then paint. If you looked at a drawing vs the actual painting you’d probably be like “wut?” Yeah. So anyway, this is my first Inktober post. I’m using a list I saw on Twitter by Jake Palmer. Sure I could have gone with another that had “black cat” as the first, but “ring” immediately reminded me of Sadako from Ringu so I had to go with that. =)