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Oh No! Kitty Was Ghosted!

I get a lot of random ideas after morning walks, this was one of them. 😺👻 (No actual ghosting happened, just ftr.) I also realized I forgot the tail version in my reel, which you can see it being drawn out in the link! Hope you all have a great day!

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Space Cats!

A little doodle I drew out the other morning. Kitty loved spending time in the arcade, trying to beat his high score in Space Cats! pew pew pew! This artwork is available on a myriad of items in my RedBubble and Society6 shops!

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Happy Pride Month!

Happy Pride Month! Available on select items in my Society6 shop!
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Happy National Cat Day! (and other illustrations!)

Make sure you follow me on Instagram @kilkennycat_art to get first peek at animated digital illustrations I make!

Good Morning!
You know it’s coming…
Autumn bicycle ride.
Autumn kitty in a pumpkin.
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Happy Feline Friday! New Art: Black Cat Lady

© Ryan Conners

I’m pretty sure I thought the same thing last Friday but, how is it Friday again?! This week has flown by. I think this is going to conclude my “digital art only” week because I’m not sure I can go a Caturday without painting with acrylics. I have had a lot of fun getting more used to creating art on the iPad vs traditional painting. This is how I started, teaching myself Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightwave 3D, and 3D Studio Max during my down time working as in IT in the Navy. Of course I’ll still create digital art in my down time from painting, but I won’t focus a whole week on it…I don’t think. Well, we’ll see. I hope you have enjoyed my pieces this week! I had a lot of fun making them. As always, all the new digital art pieces are available on a variety of items in my Society6 Shop!

Ok before I end this post, I have a request. I started this more as a self-portrait with my typical attire and might have made my hair a little more blue than black-but that was totally to separate it from the cats and top. Anyway, I thought it was too much, and I needed to brighten it up, hence the orange. My Mom insists she likes the original darker version, what say you? Leave me a comment below with which you like more! Also I didn’t add a background to the first one since I changed it completely. 

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New Digital Art: The Yogurt Thief

Willow, actual yogurt thief.

My cats don’t eat ‘people’ food, and even though I paint a lot of cats drinking coffee, tea, boba, etc., that’s more about me and my obsession with coffee. I can sit down and enjoy a meal without kitties staring me down, willing me to feed them what delicious food is in front of me…unless it’s yogurt. Yogurt or skyr. My cats (specifically Willow) go nuts over these things and I’m not 100% sure why. If yogurt is left unattended for a even a second, Willow is there stealing a lick. So that is the inspiration for the latest piece of digital art I created for this week. The Yogurt Thief

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Calico Mom and Kittens

Calico Mom and Kittens
“Playing Between The Potted Plants”
-Painted with Golden acrylics.
– 10″ x 8″ Mounted Birch Wood
-Topped with two coats of matte varnish.
-Signed, titled, and dated on the back by me!
Fiona was watching her kittens playing around the potted plants!
Copyright © Ryan Conners
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Black Cats and Potted Plants

Black Cats & Potted Plants Art Print

I decided to work on some illustrations today for Society6. I might paint this as an acrylic painting at some point, but I love how it turned out on the iPad. Available on many different items in my Society6 shop!
Black Cats & Potted Plants Framed Mini Art Print

Black Cats & Potted Plants Coffee Mug

Black Cats & Potted Plants Travel Mug


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Happy Caturday!

“Coffee and Donuts”

Happy Caturday! I made a new illustration of a kitty who has had one too many donuts with his morning coffee! In his defense, they were very tasty donuts! You can find this illustration on many items over in my Society6 shop! 

Coffee and Donuts Cat Framed Mini Art Print

Coffee and Donuts Cat Side Table

Coffee and Donuts Cat Acrylic Box

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Skellie Cat Halloween Bicycle Ride and New Illustrations

Ryan Conners

“Skellie Cat Bicycle Ride”

-Painted with Golden acrylics.
– 10″ x 8″ Mounted Birch Wood Panel
-Topped with two coats of matte varnish.
-Signed, titled, and dated on the back by me!

On his way to the Halloween party!!

Copyright © Ryan Conners

Mummies and cats copy 1 smaller for web

I took this weekend off to get back into practicing drawing on the iPad and what better way than to draw out more Halloween cats?! I had really no idea where I was going with these, just doing some happy kitties in costume, ready for trick-or-treating. In the end I decided to put them in front of my old haunted house so they could actually go trick-or-treating! I put up two versions in my RedBubble shop. I wanted to target the greeting card with text, but since you can’t specifically target the greeting card separate from the art print (like you can on Society6) I had to make the two versions. Text and cats only is enabled on some, but not all items.

trick or treat pillowstrick or treat pillows2

One of the first things I drew out was this chonky kitty below. He’s had far too many pumpkin spice lattes! Not gonna lie, I was giggling a lot while drawing him out. There’s also a Christmas version in my RedBubble shop, because honestly, peppermint mocha>PSL.


Then I have the “Pumpkin Familiars.” I really, really love painting chonky cats, so naturally that means I love drawing them too! These two were like peas in a pod. 

familiars tote

I really love Halloween, if you haven’t noticed. The other night I was trying to sleep but found it next to impossible so I got up and started drawing out little images of cats and Halloween-themed things. It turned into sort of a pattern. Now, I’m not very good with patterns, it’s something I definitely need to work on, but I like how this came out even if it isn’t “purrfect!”

halloween cats cup

Last, but not least in this update of “what has KilkennyCat been up to?” are some new Halloween/Autumn-themed art pins! I love my autumn coffee cats, and people also seem to love them, so I made them into pins! Then also added some black cat faces and ghosts that honestly were inspired by the above patterned drawing. I didn’t resin these like the nerd cats and other pins. They just looked really nice with a couple coats of matte varnish. There are still some available in my Zibbet Shop!

Ryan Conners