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Happy Thanksgiving

To all of you who celebrate it! We’re eating some chicken breasts stuff with mozzarella and possibly topped with bacon, some sweet potato mashed…potatoes, probably stuffing, buttered and garlic’d asparagus, and some New York pumpkin cheesecake.

But this morning I had to get this little idea out of my head, so we went out again and brought along a horse. One day we’ll make friends with someone around here who has real horses, but for today Anna’s Butterscotch did the trick. We waited for the sun to come up over the mountains and over the trees, then we went to Grandmother’s…ok not really, but we did wait for the sun. The hunters were out in full force this morning, guns-a-blazing, and dogs howling. Needless to say, as the gunshots got louder and more frequent, we wrapped up the shoot and got the hell out of there!

In the field

At the stable

What are your plans for this Thursday?

At the stable