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Reading by the Fire

Reading by the fire
Ahh, it’s feeling like Autumn today! (Yesterday was miserable, so let’s not talk about that) I thought I’d do a little photoshoot with Anna, a book, the fireplace, and some old fake logs. Oh and why not a chicken! It’s been a while since I involved a chicken in a shoot. Kittens kept photo-bombing the shots, but that’s ok.
Cat bombed the shot
Unfortunately, I can’t decide which I like the most, so I had to upload them all.
Reading by the fire

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Happy Caturday!

Wee Pierre
Tiarnan & Pierre
Tiarnan & Pierre (Tiarnan named him)
Rosebud & Puddy checking each other out.
Rosebud and Puddy
Neither of them are too sure about the other.
Sleeping Rosebud
Sleeping Rosebud
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happy thanksgiving by Kilkennycat
happy thanksgiving, a photo by Kilkennycat on Flickr.

Sometimes when I’m thinking of ideas for a particular thing, such as Thanksgiving, this happens. I normally don’t paint these ideas, but this one wouldn’t stop drawing my attention.

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Mummy Cat

Halloween is coming super fast now! I’m pretty sure we’re going to start decorating inside and out since we broke down and bought some mums and pumpkins. Our driveway pumpkins didn’t survive the blight this year, although the gourd plants are still green and seemingly trying, I think it’s too late for anything now. Very sad.

But on a happier note! I created a new Halloween ornament today: the mummy cat! I was trying to think of something I actually don’t even have in my Halloween paintings (yet, but I will now) and that was a mummy cat. I think it came out really cute!

Mummy cat ornament

Mummy cat ornaments

Halloween tree with mummies

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I had this idea that my Martha Stewart glitter would be amazing inside bubbles. Turns out, it’s too heavy, or sharp, or something and it didn’t work. So I think I’m going to have to look for pre-glittered bubble liquid, this exists right?

Reflections in a bubble


When I found out that bokeh was created when the bubbles popped, the idea of glitter was suddenly less interesting. =P

Bubble Bokeh