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New Art Pins Are Ready!

Hooray! I have managed to make more, sans cat fur! If you need a touch of green for St. Patrick’s Day, or for any day! This is a very limited run of art pins, as I wasn’t planning on making more with clay. I’m still learning Blender 3D so I can 3D print the pins instead of smooshing clay-which is not my favorite thing to do. Anyway, these are now live in my Zibbet shop!

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New Handmade Pins With a Touch of Green!


So, I was planning on announcing a limited run of new pins today or tomorrow, but that’s been pushed back until probably Monday. Silly me thought I had the perfect spot in another room, high on a shelf, for the resin to dry. To my surprise, I discovered this morning that this shelf is not cat-free! You can imagine my horror when I saw my cute pins there, with strands of cat fur hanging off of them! ha…sigh. I had 8 pins, and now I have 5. (I mean it was a very limited run.) So now I am painting 14 more brooches that should be ready (and cat fur free) by Monday.Β 


I’ve got them all made, baked, and sanded! The vehicles are both going to be the happy green, same as the glasses in the finished pins. I’m still debating on if the vans are going to be white/green, or just full green. We’ll have to wait and see!Β 

Also, I am working on new acrylic pins at some point this weekend as well, using my dancing Irish cats that I will be illustrating on the iPad. So keep an eye out for those.Β 

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Pre Order for Nerd and Coffee Cat Pins!

PRE-ORDER UP! Hi everyone! I’m doing another pre-order for Coffee Cat Pins and Nerd Cat pins. It will be open all week, ending at midnight on Friday June 12th. This gives me a week to make the pins, it takes at least 3 days just for the resin to cure, so that time is need. Pins will be completed and ready for shipping on Friday, June 19th! This is the only time to customize a pin to look like your own kitty!
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New Items! Handmade Cat Art Pins!

I’m excited to announce a new product for 2020! Current available pins are here in my “Handmade Pins” section. Handmade and hand painted, resin coated polymer clay art pins! Featuring some of my favorite kitties! Coffee cats, nerd cats, road trip cats, and some fun little non-cat pins-rainbows and artist palettes! Each ornament is rolled out and cut out of polymer clay, baked, and then hand painted with Golden acrylics. I decided on using resin on the top of the ornaments to protect the painting since this is a more tangible item that can be used every day! The backs have little silver tie back pins with a secure clasp.

I’ve only made 20 for my first run so they are very limited! As of now, all the nerd cats and coffee cats are sold. I’m working on making more pins and will post when they are available! Or you can keep an eye on my Zibbet Shop or Facebook Page for news!

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Happy Halloween Caturday!


First ever Halloween ornament sale! Let’s kick off this Halloween season with a discount! =D

My custom made Halloween and Day of the Dead ornaments are available only in my Etsy shop!

halloween tree.jpg

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Day of the Dead Ornaments


New Day of the Dead skellie cat ornaments, full of glitter, available in my Etsy shop!


il_fullxfull.653304595_egkq (1)

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63 Days Until Halloween!

I’m super excited for Halloween and the weather that accompanies it. =)

“The Halloween Cats”

-Painted with Golden acrylics.
-Approx. 10″ x 7 1/4″ x 1″ Piece of pine
-Topped with two coats of gloss varnish.
-Signed, titled, and dated on the back by me!

On their way to the Halloween party!

Ornaments for Halloween-or any day! I’m trying to think up another costumed kitty that would go with the others, but I’m drawing blanks. Any suggestions are appreciated!

il_fullxfull.662833820_tet6 il_fullxfull.653304539_1tdp il_fullxfull.373665392_rgsh il_fullxfull.360832552_gkeg il_fullxfull.269577887 il_fullxfull.267514242 il_fullxfull.267483845

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Glittery Road Trip Ornaments!

It’s that time of year that the glitter really flies around here! Kitties going on road trips, from my paintings, turned into glittery ornaments! Each is handmade-cut from clay, painted, and glittered by me. Choose your two cats to drive their glittery vehicles right on to your Christmas tree. =)_MG_0721-1 _MG_0738-10_MG_0742-14_MG_0746-18_MG_0750-22_MG_0763-29_MG_0731-6_MG_0759-25_MG_0768-32_MG_0722-2

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Halloween Ornaments!

Today we went out to the store and found pumpkins were already out! Naturally, we bought one. Just one to start. Still waiting on our own harvest of pumpkins in the backyard. =) I’ve got a whole “harvest” of handmade Halloween ornaments, ready to get the season started! My handmade ornaments are all available in my shop.

il_fullxfull.267483845 il_fullxfull.269577887 il_fullxfull.340020785 il_fullxfull.360832552_gkeg il_fullxfull.382815362_rcjj


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Volkswagen Christmas

green vw christmas bus

Rainbow of colors