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Final Halloween Ornament Pre-Sale for 2023!

Ok, I know it’s hot out there, but Halloween will be here before you know it! Last pre-order was going to be my last for the year but I know some of you wanted me to do another in September, so here we go! The FINAL Halloween ornament pre-order of 2023 is on! Pre-sale will end on the 18th of September and ornaments will ship October 6th, or earlier depending on how many sell. If you missed out on the other pre-orders, now is the time to get your ornaments! πŸ§‘πŸŽƒ

Click here to head over to my Halloween Ornaments page to see all the different kitties dressed up for the holiday!

My original handmade clay ornaments, painted with acrylic paints, and glitter! These ornaments are based off of characters in my Halloween paintings. I wanted to bring them more to ‘life’ by creating ornaments to match with the paintings. I’ve been making these ornaments since 2006 and adding new ones every few years! Look below for a blast from the past or my original ornaments!

One of my first witch ornaments from 2006!
Ghost ornament from 2007!
Original devil cat ornament!
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New Illustrations and Doodles

First Coffee

I’m currently on my first glass of coffee, iced coffee, but the above picture is an accurate representation of how I currently am. If you’ve followed my art over the years, you’ll know there’s a very strong recurring theme of cats and coffee. Two things I cannot, and will not live without! I also love the spooky side of things. Though over the years my “spooky” has been more cute than boo, but I feel like with drawing on the iPad, maybe I can get a little closer to the spooky side. I tried to draw the white cat above as a ghostly kind of cat, surrounded by cobwebs, in the background hanging from the shelves and walls.

Not A Morning Ghost

Not a Morning Ghost was an idea for Twitch emotes, or rather updating my Twitch page emotes. Then I scrapped the idea but still liked the cat. Then I had the brilliant idea to try adding text again. What kind of text? Should I write it? Should I use a font? What font? I didn’t think any of the ideas worked so I scrapped the text. I need to buy some post-it notes so I can make a note to stick on a monitor, “NO TEXT.”

That’s a nope.
Cat and Jack

Another favorite theme of mine to paint is cats and autumn/Halloween. Trying a more muted approach with two kitties and pumpkins, I’m not sure I could actually paint these in acrylics, but I like the softness in the illustrations. Sometimes, I’ll illustrate things first, or doodle them, then later paint them. I’m not sure how many of my recent illustrations will make it to acrylic on wood, but there’s a chance some will be painted.

The Pumpkin Carver

As always, if you’re interested in prints of any of these illustrations, you can find them in my Teepublic Shop! Any and all feedback is welcome as well. What do you think about text on art shirts?

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Halloween Ornament Pre-Sale!

Ornament Pre-Order! Pre-order ends August 21st, and orders ship by September 4th. (dates are subject to if they sell out before the end date.) This will most likely be my last Halloween ornament pre-order for the year so I can focus on new Halloween paintings! I’ve added in three different road trip ornaments as well-a bit earlier than normal for those. Numbers are very limited so I can control how many I will make. I’ll be enlisting my mom and my youngest to help me squish the clay this time, so my wrist isn’t sad.

If there is an ornament you absolutely want but it isn’t available, send me a message before you order and I’ll make it available.…/kilkennycat-ornaments/

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Happy Halloween!

Wishing you all a safe and Happy Halloween! Stay spooky!

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Three Days Until Halloween!

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Happy National Black Cat Day!

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26 Days Until Halloween!

Celebration of Halloween ’22!
Sadako Cat
Skellie Cat Bicycle Ride

Candy Goblins
Mummy Kitty
Spooky Drive Trio
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61 Days Until Halloween!

Frida y Gatos ’22
Black Cats & Pumpkins
Fuzzy Calico Witch
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New Paintings – Halloween and Coffee!

Claudette Has a Coffee
Fuzzy Little Black Witch
Fuzzy Little Ginger Witch
Little Witch
Spooky Drive ’22
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88 Days Until Halloween!

“Bettie the Bat”

-Painted with Golden acrylics
– 10″ x 8″ Mounted Wood
-Topped with two coats of matte varnish.
-Signed, titled, and dated on the back by me!

Bettie loved bats, so much that she decided this year for Halloween, she would dress as one!

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