Working With Cats…

Ryan Conners

So, this is a daily occurrence while I’m painting. Mind you, I have a total of 3 IKEA tables that run along two walls to make up my desk area. Ample space for cats to lay, sit, do cat things. My painting area is basically where the two main desks meet and make a corner. So I twist left and I see my monitors, I twist right and I paint. Swivel chair and all that. I figure this is my little space on all of this desk and it should be a ‘safe space.’ Naturally, it isn’t because I have cats! There’s something about wanting to be *the* cat who insists on walking over my painting area to get to the other side of the desk. They can’t jump down and jump back up on the other side of me, no, too much effort! So in order to hurry the ‘walking across the painting area’ I pick up kitty, and move to other side. Just so they can try to walk back across again, and again. ha! Cats. I love them. desk 3

Cats Willow and Stephen love to hang out on the table, inspecting my work.


Willow the calico, even though I have a ginger kitty over my head in the painting, is by far *the* worst ‘let-me-step-over-your-work” offender!

desk 1

Joaquin and Wally are loungers. They love to lounge right next to me while I paint…that’s if they can get past Willow to get close enough most days!

Movie Night With the Cats


“It’s Movie Night!”

Ahh, a lovely night in with the kitties, a cup of tea, and a good movie!

An original watercolor painting, with touches of acrylic paint.

Painted on Stratmore 400 series, cold pressed watercolor paper. Acid free, heavy weight.

9″ x 12″ sprayed with a matte varnish.

A Girl and Her Ginger Cats


“A Girl and Her Gingers”

She loved her ginger cats very much, and gave them special one-on-one time. Sometimes, Apple wanted more time, even if Rosie was already curled up on her lap. So Apple would sit to the side, and stare.

An original watercolor painting.

Painted on Stratmore 400 series, cold pressed watercolor paper. Acid free, heavy weight.

Painted area 7″ x 8″, paper size 8″ x 10″ – sprayed with a matte varnish.