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A Spooky Campsite!

“Spooky Campsite”

-Painted with Golden acrylics.
– 12″ x 9″ Wrapped Canvas
-Topped with two coats of matte varnish.
-Signed, titled, and dated on the back by me!

Oooooh! After telling spooky ghost stories at the campground, these kitties thought it would be fun to do a little ghost hunt. “Did you hear that?!” One kitty asked, as the EMF detector started going off!

Copyright Β© Ryan Conners

If you know me, you know I LOVE anything spooky! When I’m not painting, I love to play spooky video games, especially Phasmophobia. This painting is based on my favorite site in the game. Want to catch me streaming Phasmophobia? Check out my Twitch Channel! (be warned, there is cursing because that’s what happens when I get scared!)