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Glass Gem Corn!

So we planted three varieties of corn this year. My Mom was insistent that she wanted three kinds: bloody butcher, glass gem, and some edible non-gmo corn. I mean, let’s be honest, it’s all for autumn decorating. We started harvesting the glass gem corn today and oooooh my they are so beautiful! I couldn’t help but take photos, lots of photos. Lots.

Clicking this image takes you to all the photos on Facebook.
Clicking this image takes you to all the photos on Facebook.

I’ve decided these colorful kernels look like jelly beans. Delicious, tasty, jelly beans. I really want some right now. I can’t wait to see what the next cobs look like, but we’re going to leave them on for a bit longer as they’re pretty small!

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Hanging Out With Chickens

This year’s spring and summer rain really hindered our garden this year. The soil was so wet, that under the squash and pumpkin plants mushrooms were growing! Anyway, we decided to let the chickens have the run of the garden, so they can clean out the beds and we can get ready for next time.


Of course the chickens were more than happy to oblige! Going right for the beds, laying their eggs in them, and kicking up dirt! I only asked that they leave the marigolds and nasturtium alone.Β _MG_6049

We also had to make sure we covered the potato area with chicken wire. Still holding out hope that the potatoes will get a bit larger than cherry tomatoes. =P_MG_6062

Anna picked a marigold for her hair, so I took a quick portrait of her by the sunflowers.

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Happy Earth Day!

love the earth 2013

It’s looking to be an absolutely beautiful day today! If I didn’t know the nights would still be dipping into freezing temperatures, I’d be tempted to start planting our vegetable garden! How are you going to spend today?


love the earth

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Spring said, “Hello!”

We have greenery!

Sure it may be for only one day this week, but spring made an appearance today and it was lovely! The kids got sunshine on their faces and I found the chickens making dirt nests to roll around in. Everyone was happy. Yay! Tomorrow brings lots of rain and snow to follow. Ah well, it was nice while it lasted. =)

Egg Collector in Red
Today’s egg collector, in red. See the sunlight back there?