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A New Art Endeavor!

Hi Everyone! For the past 15 years I have been painting my Kilkenny Cat paintings, and every now and then I would paint something a little different, and most every time I did I would get concerned comments that I was changing my art. The latest one really made me start thinking about what that implied, and honestly I didn’t like it. I shouldn’t be tied to someone else’s expectations of what my art should be. My art is my own, and it’s whatever I want it to be, what ever I want to paint, you know? Not everyone is going to like it, and I don’t expect them to-where it’s my usual kitties, or my 3 a.m. Monster kitties, or funky kitties…or Picklelips.

Ryan Conners
KilkennyCat Art and Picklelips

So with that said, I decided to create a second art profile where I paint whatever silly idea pops into my head, not specifically “what are the kitties doing today,” but just any random thought. With that, I want to introduce Picklelips! My new outlet for fun and funky paintings. Sometimes I’ll even paint the same subject, like a KilkennyCat vs Picklelips kind of thing…which I’ve already done twice! If you’re interested in following the Picklelips Art, you can find it on Twitter @PicklelipsArt, Instagram @PicklelipsArt, Facebook @Picklelips.

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Cats, So Full of Sass…

Ryan Conners

I decided to spend my Caturday working on a large (for me) 16″ x 20″ painting. I wanted to do something fun and funky, colorful and silly. My SO had mentioned that his cat doesn’t like the pate canned cat food, whereas my cats only eat pate, so in my head I just imagined a cat giving sass about pate vs gravy. While I was painting, I was also binge watching Dark Season 3 on Netflix, so that was a well spent Caturday in my opinion!

16 x 20 sass cat

While I love my smaller paintings that require more clean lines and whatnot, I seriously enjoyed just letting go and having fun with the paint on this painting. So I’ll be doing a series of them when the mood strikes. I hope you enjoy it!

Ryan Conners