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Woodland Friends Decorating the Christmas Tree! #Cat #Art #Christmas


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Fox Enjoying A Cuppa Tea


“Having a Cuppa Tea”

Mr. Fox, enjoy a nice cuppa tea.

An original illustration and watercolor painting. My cat Willow, ever the art critic, decided that she didn’t like the top left side of the painting, so she decided to “help” with the ear, and also leave her paw print. That possibly signified she was happy with the painting.

Painted on Stratmore 400 series, cold pressed watercolor paper. Acid free, heavy weight.

Size 9″ x 12″ – sprayed with a matte varnish.

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Woodland Costume Party

woodland costume party

Anabell loved to play dress up with her cats. This time she decided to have a woodland costume party. The cats happily participated.

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Foxy Forest Tea Party

It’s been a while since we’ve gone to the local forest, I think I’m getting cabin fever. Tomorrow will be a forest day! But for now, here’s a little tea party. =)

Foxy tea party

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Foxes have got to be one of the most beautiful animals. I wish I would be lucky enough to happen upon one (from a distance) in the forest when we’re trotting about. So far, no luck. We saw some while driving around the battlefields in Gettysburg a couple years ago. Unfortunately, it was pitch dark!

woodland tea party

Foxes and their den

Foxes for Tea

foxy sailor

Hopefully one day, I’ll be able to add some photos I’ve taken of foxes. =)