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The Robin’s Nest – Painting for the Day

the robins nest
Two curious kittens couldn’t help themselves, they had to get a peek into the Robin’s nest!

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The Puppeteer and the Fortune Teller

puppeteer and marionette
The Puppeteer and her marionette put on quite an interesting show.

The Fortune Teller
But it was the fortune teller who ultimately stole the show!

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Hello WordPress!

Apparently I created an account with WordPress back in 2008, and soon forgot about it.  So now I’m going to waste time trying to figure out how to use this, make it look how I’d like, then decide if I’m going to keep it. =)

the cat photog
I also have to decide on whether I want to use this for just my artwork, or for my photographs too. I’m a bit addicted to taking photos of anything and everything. Sometimes taking photos of things that I’ll later use in paintings. The two work pretty well together!

Puddy sailor
Anyhow, I’ll sleep on it and see how things go!