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She Was A Crow

I had an idea for which I needed some wings. After exhausting my search online, reading reviews of wings with feathers falling off immediately after opening the package, I figured, “I could make wings…how hard could it be?” So Anna and I made some last night.  Anna said she wanted to be a crow for Halloween after we made the wings, so my original idea morphed into making her a crow. She said she’d like a beak for Halloween-I’m sure we can make one of those too. =P

She was a crow


Snow on her wings


Oh, and it’s snowing! We’re supposed to get 6-10 inches, so we’ll see. It started out very slowly this morning but it’s picking up now and starting to stick. I’d like to get this other idea out of my head and photographed soon, so I’d appreciate a lot of snow!

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Our Backyard Chickens

Chicken feet

I love our backyard chickens. Probably more than is normal, since apparently some people actually end up eating their chickens after they stop laying. I don’t think I’ll be one of those-nei, I *won’t* be one of those. They can carry on, living a lovely life, and not lay eggs. That’s fine by me. They’re such beautiful creatures!

Chicken feet

I had this idea, this “vision” of how lovely a chicken would look surrounded by falling down, almost like snow. (Although if I wait a few months, I don’t need the down…) Turns out, chickens actually do not seem to like down at all. So the “vision” wasn’t quite realized, but that was ok.

Spraying down

There’s something about their fluffy butts that is just so cute. We got six hens when they were just tiny chicks. The little town we moved to decided that on March 26th of this year, they were going to ban livestock, poultry, and other ‘farm’ animals from city limits. That was so ridiculous! Here we moved from Portland, Oregon, where you’re allowed chickens in the city, and this rural Pennsylvania town was going to outlaw them? There was a side note, that if you owned your animals prior to March 26th, you’d be able to keep them until they died. That’s when my Mother and I went on a chicken search! We managed to get the chickens the day of the law… Turns out, there’s a lady in town who has alpacas and that’s her livelihood, so she somehow managed to get the city council to not vote on the ban. Yay!


Tail Feathers