Seasick, Yet Still Docked

seasick, yet still docked
This dock has a longer piece, that apparently they haven’t put back on this year.

 Ok, I totally borrowed that title from Morrissey, but it was the only thing that kept running through my head today as I shot these photos. I love everything nautical. Well, not for me but for Anna. The past 9 birthdays have had nautical themes…or at least she’s worn a nautical-inspired dress or outfit. (The Hello Kitty cake request almost launched the nautical theme overboard on her 8th birthday…) Anna doesn’t appear to mind it, in fact she’s requesting origami boats and Hello Kitties on her birthday cake this year. I think I can create something like that. =)

seasick, yet still docked
I was pleased the wind picked up.
longing to be at sea
That’s actually a lake, since we’re in Western PA, but shhh.

The Photographers

So every weekend I take pictures for Fro Knows Photo’s Weekend theme- that’s what a lot of my photos are for. This weekend’s theme is “Reflections” and aside from all the obvious types of shots with water, mirrors, shadows, et al, I started drawing out ideas and kept coming back to the thought that pictures are just reflections in a camera. It just so happens my Mother bought me an old Brownie Six 20 as an early birthday present and I wanted to photograph it.  (I want to take photos *with* it too =P) So I told the kids to pick a camera from my three and pose for me. Tiarnan is wearing an old Velvet suit I’ve hauled around for years, but never worn. I loved it because of the awkward length on him, since they’re actually cropped pants on me.

The photographers

Anna looks so serious in this picture, and it’s not because she was unhappy with posing, it was because a fly kept landing on her leg!

Tiarnan and Ansco

Anna and Brownie