Goldilocks, the Chicken

Goldilocks in her “hospital ward” in the basement.

So about a month ago our golden Pullet chicken, Goldilocks, was attacked by something. We found her laying under the hanging food bin and after calling to the chickens and seeing she wasn’t coming out, we picked her up. That’s when we saw the blood on her foot. Something, still not sure what, attacked her and really mangled one of her ‘fingers’ and palm. Frantic, we called all the vets in town and not one would look at a chicken. You have to understand, we’ve had our chickens since they were chicks last year, and consider them our pets (I mean seriously, they’re named!) We were mostly worried about infection, but in Pennsylvania you can’t even seem to get animal antibiotics at the feed stores. That meant we had to use whatever we had around us to try to save Goldilocks. We took a wardrobe box, laid it on its side, cut a huge hole out of the top, and filled it with pine shavings under a heat lamp in our basement. We have a big vat of silver sulfadiazine so we cleaned Goldi’s wound with copious amounts of hydrogen peroxide and then gobbed the silver cream all over her wound, then wrapped it up with sterile gauze. She survived the night. We kept cleaning her wound, changing bandages, and having her under the heat lamp, and she kept on living. Now that it’s getting warmer, we’re starting to bring her outside.

Enjoying the outside fresh air.

See, the thing is, she’s not standing. Her wounded ‘finger’ is fat and probably still hurts, so she won’t put any pressure on it. She’s eating, drinking, generally being a chicken sans laying eggs. But she needs to walk if she has any hope of being a normal chicken again. I really hope she can do it.

Steadying herself with a wing.
The brood checking her out.

What’s up, duck?


Toulouse & Tilly, when we brought them home at the beginning of March!

Ducks…ducks grow fast. Ducks, or maybe just these Khaki Campbell ducks, are apparently not ‘domesticated’ like chicks/chickens seem to be. Growing up in Los Angeles, we had a mini farm in the city with a couple geese, ducks, and even a peacock! My Mother loooooves duck eggs, and while I’m not sure I do (I have a love/hate relationship with eggs-one day I love, the next they’re slimey and hideous) I remember as a child blowing duck eggs out and painting them. I plan on showing my own children how to do this! Anyway, we have two ducks in the basement under a heat lamp, with a space to roam and spill water all over. It’s still snowing here so they can’t go out yet, but wow they grow super fast! I can’t wait to introduce them to the chickens-I hope that goes smoothly. As it turns out, I think we got two female ducks because they weren’t sexed when we got them, which is totally fine. They also might be the migratory kind, so I’m sure we’ll be bidding them adieu at some point. =(

Anna with Tilly, March 11th


Toulous, March 27th

Khaki Campbell

Anna & Toulouse