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Rosebud Was Kind of Playing Fetch

Pierre, the black kitten, has played fetch for quite a few months now. He prefers socks and gloves, as well as his favorite toy “mousy.” None of the other cats really paid any attention to the game. Sure every now and then someone would block his way, but he always would find the glove and bring it back. For some reason, Rosebud finally decided he wanted to play fetch too! He did it a few times before I decided to run and grab the camera. However, naturally when I figured out where the record button was on the Canon, he was pooped out.

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Friends, Anna & Puddy

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The Cat in The Hat

Cat in the Hat


This is wee little Claire. She is a manx kitten born with very splayed legs. She’s the fastest runner out of the litter and her legs are beginning to stay underneath her body when she runs. We tried the hobbling technique of binding the legs but she’d slip right out of the wrap, so then we tried the heat/stretch therapy. I’m thinking that worked. =)

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Life Imitating Art?

Rosebud in the VW

Last night my daughter told me that she put her Barbie VW on the floor so the kittens could play with it. Turns out, they like it, a lot. My favorite thing about this is how apropos the WWF sticker on the bumper is!

Willow & Dorian

Road trip time?