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Big Kitty and a Bird

joaqi pose

My Joaquin kitty is a very floofy boy. With some parts of his fur measuring 5″ long! I love when he sits and his front legs are far apart! This was painted with a palette knife, so you get a lot of thick paint texture. 12″ x 16″!


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Rocking Robin!

cat on a rocking robin

For a few years I’ve painted a little series of cats riding rocking birds. My mother has this neat old carved rocking horse…well it’s not a horse, it’s a toucan! That inspired the series which I’m going to continue this year. I’ve only painted a handful of rocking birds, and the crow one I’ve painted a few times by request. I like the toucan one best myself. =)

Rocking Toucan
The inspiration.
rocking toucan
Cat on a rocking toucan.
rocking crow
Cat on a rocking crow.
rocking goose
Two cats on a rocking goose.
rocking swan
Cat on a rocking swan.
cat on a rocking starling
Cat on a rocking starling.
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She Was A Crow

I had an idea for which I needed some wings. After exhausting my search online, reading reviews of wings with feathers falling off immediately after opening the package, I figured, “I could make wings…how hard could it be?” So Anna and I made some last night. Β Anna said she wanted to be a crow for Halloween after we made the wings, so my original idea morphed into making her a crow. She said she’d like a beak for Halloween-I’m sure we can make one of those too. =P

She was a crow


Snow on her wings


Oh, and it’s snowing! We’re supposed to get 6-10 inches, so we’ll see. It started out very slowly this morning but it’s picking up now and starting to stick. I’d like to get this other idea out of my head and photographed soon, so I’d appreciate a lot of snow!