French Press Coffee, Bonus Donuts! Happy Caturday!

Ryan Conners

“Coffee and Donuts!”

-Painted with Golden Acrylics
– 16″ x 12″ Studio Wrapped Canvas
-Topped with two coats of matte varnish.
-Signed, titled, and dated on the back by me!

These two kitties really needed their morning coffee, with bonus sprinkle donuts!

Copyright © Ryan Conners

Coffee in Bed For Mom Painting

Ryan Conners

“Coffee in Bed for Mom!”

-Painted with Golden acrylics.
– 10″ x 7.25″ Piece of wood
-Topped with two coats of matte varnish.
-Signed, titled, and dated on the back by me!

Sweet little Basil brought his Mom coffee in bed to help her wake up!

Coffee and Cats

My two favorite things! Although Chai tea is definitely sneaking in there, neck and neck with coffee. Shhh….don’t tell though. Maybe I should paint with tea next?  A tea cat…


“Coffee Cat in Stripes”

An original illustration and coffee & watercolor painting.

What’s more apropos than a coffee cat painted in coffee? =D

Painted on Arches Watercolour, cold pressed, 300g/m2 140lb, 100% pure cotton, acid-free paper.

Size 9″ x 12″ – sprayed with a matte varnish.


Last week, and spilling into the weekend… I was working on patterns. I always wanted to make some patterns, but was unsure how to go about it. So I just started drawing in my sketchbook and tried to figure it out. Ultimately, by the time I got to the last pattern, cats and coffee, I think I simplified and it figured it out. I am definitely going to have to pick up some items with these cats and coffee! Click the image, or here to see all the items available.