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The Little Christmas Trees

Copyright © Ryan Conners
Copyright © Ryan Conners
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Bringing Home the Christmas Tree!

It’s just about that time of year again! It *is* that time of year for some of you (I see those Christmas tree photos!) The kitties are out picking their Christmas trees and hauling them home!

Ryan ConnersRyan ConnersRyan ConnersRyan ConnersRyan Conners

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The Woodland Cats’ Christmas Tree!

Ryan Conners

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Woodland Friends Decorating the Christmas Tree! #Cat #Art #Christmas


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Merry day-after Christmas!


I hope you all had a wonderful day, whether you celebrate Christmas or not. It was basically a normal day for us, as the children decided they didn’t actually want wrap-able items. Well, that coupled with the fact that I couldn’t wait to give one child a speaker system for an iPhone (my old iPhone) so she could listen to all the itunes music she got to pick out. New shoes for all, clothing, books, and Steam games. I figured, why wait to hand out the needful things? So we all just relaxed and did our own thing on Christmas day.


Did I mention there’s no snow? No snow at all, not even a flurry. Hell, it was 60 degrees! It’s been so long since I’ve lived in my native state of California, that I forgot how it feels to not have snow during this time. =P


Now the kids will go down and de-ornament the tree, so that I can wrap it up and put it back down in the basement. It’s time to de-Christmas the house and get things back to normal. That includes me getting back to normal and painting!

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Christmas TARDIS Cat

After a few weeks of Doctor Who binge watching (while painting) I broke down and had to paint it.

TARDIS Christmas Cat

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Kittens’ First Christmas

I’ll admit we’ve been a bit hesitant to lug the huge bag that contains our Christmas tree up from the basement. It’s managed to survive three years in this house with the big cats. This year, however, will be the kittens’ first Christmas, and I’m not sure how long the tree will last after they’ve discovered it. Of course I’ll probably bring the tree up today…but still…there’s worry.
Kittens 1st Christmas EveWouldn’t it be wonderful if these paintings truly represented how cats behaved during Christmas-time? Oh if only…

Christmas Eve Cats

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Merry Catsmas?

Ok, so I had to get this out of my head too. This was my original plan some time ago, before the Volvo. Seeing as I don’t have my beetle anymore and I don’t know anyone in town who’d be willing to let two cats in their car, I resorted to my nifty toy. Oh, and toy cats as well. =P These are obviously in my head as I need to paint more since they’re selling out.

VW Christmas Tree

Merry Catsmas

This one I shot on my desk with a different, decorated tree. It was late at night and I needed a break from making ornaments. Really not a fan of light that isn’t natural.

Festive VW tree

sitting on a fallen treeAnna sitting for a spell, beside the VW and tree.