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Pennsylvania Primaries Today!



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Backyard Friends & Spring

Goldilocks and Puddy, hanging out on the not-so-swinging bench. Pretty sure Puddy cat was judging the height of the fence, and Goldilocks was judging Puddy.

Signs of spring with the forsythia blooming!

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The Fox in The Hen House

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Victorian Anna and Chicken

Every now and then I like to look back at some of my favorite photos of my daughter and then try to recreate them, so I can compare how much she’s changing. I thought this year would probably be the last that she could fit into the authentic Victorian top, and I was right! I just managed to get all the clasps fastened, but another inch and she would have been busting out of the top. She’s got another year or so to fit into the skirt, and there’s a cape she can wear instead of the shirt, for when I retake this in another 2 years.

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Reading by the Fire

Reading by the fire
Ahh, it’s feeling like Autumn today! (Yesterday was miserable, so let’s not talk about that) I thought I’d do a little photoshoot with Anna, a book, the fireplace, and some old fake logs. Oh and why not a chicken! It’s been a while since I involved a chicken in a shoot. Kittens kept photo-bombing the shots, but that’s ok.
Cat bombed the shot
Unfortunately, I can’t decide which I like the most, so I had to upload them all.
Reading by the fire

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Chicken Ride!

Last year we took Puddy and Merlin out to say hello to the chickens. We cautiously introduced them (cats were on harnesses) and it turned out the cats were 1. more interested in chomping on the grass, and 2. the chickens scared the cats! Needless to say, there weren’t many more visits. That said, as I was sitting at my desk this morning, wondering which painting to start first, the chicken one I’d drawn out a while ago won out. Why? Well, because as I was thinking, I could hear the chickens bok’ing outside as they laid their eggs!

Painting in the kitty.
All done!


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Anna & Lillian

Her only possession

I’m sure you already know by now that we have chickens, six to be exact! Last year this very small town we moved to were going to make a no livestock ordinance at the end of March. Since we’d moved here, we had talked about getting chickens. Sure we talked about getting chickens while in Portland, Oregon too, but it seemed like something we’d really do here in Pennsylvania. This ordinance was the fire we needed under our asses to get some chickens. The ordinance stated any animals on the property before it went into affect would be fine until their death. The chicken hunt was on! So we got six tiny little chickens from the local Tractor Supply (since no one online would ship before April) and raised them in the basement until it was time for them to go outside. Did I mention we LOVE our chickens? They’re all named, and renamed when we forgot the initial names. There are two white hens, Lillian and Golde, and four red hens, Sepia, Rainbow (Anna’s names), Goldilocks, and Estella. Lillian is Anna chicken, and she loves her so very much, so we did a a little shoot with Anna and her chicken. I edited them both in color and black and white, but couldn’t decide which I liked best. While the consensus among my friends was B & W, I chose to share the color versions today.

My chicken

Anna and Lillian

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Merry Chickenmas!

Ever have one of those thoughts that has you questioning your own sanity? I do, often. Driving around looking for a store that has decent bikes for the kids (last minute Christmas idea) and bam! “Hey Mom, think we could find a Christmas outfit for a dog or cat that would work on one of our chickens?” Expecting absolute silence, silent judging from my mother on my sanity, she actually laughed and said that would be great, let’s do it! Maybe it wasn’t too crazy of an idea? We found a little Mrs. Clause dress with velcro that seemed like it would be a good fit. Which chicken of the six? It would have to be a white one so the red feathers didn’t clash with the red dress. Lillian! Lillian is one of the two white chickens with a longer tail than Golde, the other white one. So, yeah, that happened.

Merry Chickenmas!

Earlier I went through the house looking for Anna’s little deer. Long story short, we’ve lived in PA for 3 years and have barely seen a deer in the woods. We’re always driving around looking, but it’s so rare to actually spot one. So…

Deer in the woods

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Crazy Cat Ladies and a Chicken

A friend of mine suggested the other day, that my Mother and I should do a Crazy Cat Ladies self-portrait photo shoot. This was after my Mom took a photo of me as the Crazy Chicken Lady-we tried to recreate my shot with my daughter and a chicken. Needless to say, my daughter is a much better model, and it’s much easier being behind the camera! So anyhow, dealing with poor lighting indoors, unruly cats bribed with treats and catnip, and then almost comatose cats (after they broke into the bag of catnip we forgot to put away), we managed a couple shots as Crazy Cat Ladies. =)

The Crazy Cat Lady

My Mother, the Crazy Cat Lady.

Crazy Cat Lady

Me as the Crazy Cat Lady

 Crazy Chicken Lady

The Chicken Lady…recreated. My Mother bought me this new Victorian outfit for our upcoming zombie walk.  I wanted to showcase it somehow, why not with a chicken?

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Our Backyard Chickens

Chicken feet

I love our backyard chickens. Probably more than is normal, since apparently some people actually end up eating their chickens after they stop laying. I don’t think I’ll be one of those-nei, I *won’t* be one of those. They can carry on, living a lovely life, and not lay eggs. That’s fine by me. They’re such beautiful creatures!

Chicken feet

I had this idea, this “vision” of how lovely a chicken would look surrounded by falling down, almost like snow. (Although if I wait a few months, I don’t need the down…) Turns out, chickens actually do not seem to like down at all. So the “vision” wasn’t quite realized, but that was ok.

Spraying down

There’s something about their fluffy butts that is just so cute. We got six hens when they were just tiny chicks. The little town we moved to decided that on March 26th of this year, they were going to ban livestock, poultry, and other ‘farm’ animals from city limits. That was so ridiculous! Here we moved from Portland, Oregon, where you’re allowed chickens in the city, and this rural Pennsylvania town was going to outlaw them? There was a side note, that if you owned your animals prior to March 26th, you’d be able to keep them until they died. That’s when my Mother and I went on a chicken search! We managed to get the chickens the day of the law… Turns out, there’s a lady in town who has alpacas and that’s her livelihood, so she somehow managed to get the city council to not vote on the ban. Yay!


Tail Feathers