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Celebration of Spring, Everything Is in Bloom!

© Ryan Conners

My rhododendron and lilac are in full bloom now and honestly just walking out my front door is a treat. The scent of the lilac bush is amazing-it almost makes me forgive this area of PA for not being able to grow my favorite night blooming jasmine. Almost. The bees are happily buzzing around, inspiring me to make another bee kitty painting (working on that today for possibly tomorrow!)

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Spring Bicycle Ride!

New spring paintings added to my Zibbet shop!

Copyright © Ryan Conners

“Spring Bicycle Ride 2021!”

“Celebration of Spring 2021!”

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Happy Spring!

Ryan Conners

The cats are officially celebrating the start of spring! Birds are singing at ridiculously early hours outside my windows and the cats love it!

Ryan Conners

These are crazy times lately, with a lot of people self-quarantining or medically quarantining at home. My cats are used to me being home, since I work from home and am pretty much a hermit already. I know my schedule is dictated by the cats, for the most part. I know it’s break time when Willow shows up and starts batting at my paintbrush, or lays on my hand on the mouse. I hope you’re all taking care of yourselves, and washing those hands frequently!Ryan Conners