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Amazon Cats

Volvo Cats Ornament

Oh, did you think I meant super tall and exotic cats? No, I meant Volvo Amazon cats! Being such a van of vintage Volvo’s, I realize it’s strange that it’s taken me so long to get around to making these ornaments. Don’t tell the VW lovers, but Volvo has always had my heart, since my first car, a ’69 144 that had 300k miles on it.

My first Volvo 69 144
Anyhow, I’ve been getting requests for a few years for Mini and Volvo ornaments and yesterday seemed like a good day to start on some. Naturally I went for the Amazon first. My first “real” boyfriend, so many years ago, had a cream Amazon aptly named Cream Puff. I fell in love with that car! I’ve never owned an amazon, just the 144 and a few 240’s.

Black Volvo Amazon catsI plan on having the red, black, white/cream (tracking down a beige-ish glitter), blue, and green colored Amazons. Hopefully within the next few days I can work out a 240 ornament. =)


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Let’s Go On a Road Trip!

Pacific Northwest Road TripThere are many days when I ask myself, “Why did I agree to move to Pennsylvania?” Today, or this whole week, has been like that. I think it’s the more humid it gets here, and the more Betty Beige acts up (our ’82 240 Volvo) that I miss Portland, Oregon the most. I’m totally fine in the winter here, but summers…ugh it’s absolute misery! So today I happily (ok not so happily because my room is HOT) painted a couple cats taking a road trip in their Volvo Amazon, around the Pacific Northwest, Mt. Hood in the distance. =)


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Life Imitating Art?

Rosebud in the VW

Last night my daughter told me that she put her Barbie VW on the floor so the kittens could play with it. Turns out, they like it, a lot. My favorite thing about this is how apropos the WWF sticker on the bumper is!

Willow & Dorian

Road trip time?

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Merry Catsmas?

Ok, so I had to get this out of my head too. This was my original plan some time ago, before the Volvo. Seeing as I don’t have my beetle anymore and I don’t know anyone in town who’d be willing to let two cats in their car, I resorted to my nifty toy. Oh, and toy cats as well. =P These are obviously in my head as I need to paint more since they’re selling out.

VW Christmas Tree

Merry Catsmas

This one I shot on my desk with a different, decorated tree. It was late at night and I needed a break from making ornaments. Really not a fan of light that isn’t natural.

Festive VW tree

sitting on a fallen treeAnna sitting for a spell, beside the VW and tree.


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Volvo Cats

leaving the city

I’m a huge vintage Volvo fan. It started with my first car, a 1969 144 Volvo. It was a beast but it ran like a dream in the Washington state Winters. Then one day it died and I couldn’t afford to fix it, I was devastated. Since then I’ve had 4 Volvos total. The current one is a 1982 244 DL with 30k original miles. It’s rough, probably because it sat for years, and no one in this tiny Pennsylvania town we moved to will touch it. Ah well… On to the painting! So I love to paint cats in Volkswagens, and a few years ago I thought, “Why not Volvos?” There’s a lot of us Volvo lovers out there, that also love cats. =)
Puddy and Merlin Road Trip!

One day, I decided to see if I could bring a painting “to life” with my own cats and Volvo. It was hilarious, and I spent most of the time laughing so hard I could barely focus (which is why the focus is off…). I’m glad I tried though, nothing funnier than seeing your own cats at the wheel of your car. The whole idea was that they were going on a road trip, and picking up my daughter on the way.Waiting for the cats

I’ve painted quite a few Volvo Road Trip cat paintings, and I think the next one with be a nice little P1800. =)