Little Lamb, Little Lamb

I had to “get out” of the house today. Sure it meant only walking to the front yard, but I had to step away from my painting desk. I’ve been so focused with commissions and making clay pendants that I was starting to go stir-crazy. So I threw Anna in a dress and mask and took some quick shots. I’m good for now…

Backyard Friends & Spring

Goldilocks and Puddy, hanging out on the not-so-swinging bench. Pretty sure Puddy cat was judging the height of the fence, and Goldilocks was judging Puddy.

Signs of spring with the forsythia blooming!

First Snow

We had some real snowfall the other day (Nov 7th) and I completely forgot to mention it! Sure it didn’t stick, but for a while it was falling nice and hard.

Random snaps

Don’t brush your hair in front of a fan and have your Mother see it…especially if your Mother has an addiction to taking photos. (Not that Anna has ever minded!)

This photo happened after poor Anna ate some delicious Swedish pancakes with fresh strawberries. She puked up the delicious breakfast soon after eating. She never really could handle sugar very well. We also happened to make a cake that day. So this picture is representing not being able to eat sweets. Don’t worry, no Anna’s were actually disappointed in the making of this photo. =P


Victorian Anna and Chicken

Every now and then I like to look back at some of my favorite photos of my daughter and then try to recreate them, so I can compare how much she’s changing. I thought this year would probably be the last that she could fit into the authentic Victorian top, and I was right! I just managed to get all the clasps fastened, but another inch and she would have been busting out of the top. She’s got another year or so to fit into the skirt, and there’s a cape she can wear instead of the shirt, for when I retake this in another 2 years.

Rainy Days


Ahh April, you have arrived! We turned our heater down the other day, for the first time in months to 55 but promptly turned it up again last night. Not quite a warm spring just yet. The kids enjoyed a couple days of playing with the boys on the corner. Today was definitely not one of those days-I guess they don’t play in mud like we used to.



The Snow Catcher

It’s snowing, big surprise! The news mentioned something about a “polar vortex.” I guess starting in about 20 minutes the freeze will be upon us. It’s actually quite ok outside, even though it’s snowing. So we snapped a few quick photos and then came back inside.

Merry Christmas!

I wanted to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas! I hope your Christmas trees fared better than ours-nothing too drastic, the tree is still standing. But we’re missing quite a lot of ornaments and some limbs need the metal bent back upwards again. =P Enjoy the day!