A Good Read


Yesterday was apparently all about the books for me…


It’s finally starting to really look like Autumn around here! Our neighbor has the two best trees on the block, so we always go over and ask if we can utilize his yard. Thankfully, he always says yes. =P
Autumn reading
Sitting for a spell
Sitting for a spellTomorrow we’re waking up early (hoping there’s fog again) to photograph the scenery.


Summer Reading

Summer Reading

The joy of cracking open a new-to-you book, delving right into another world, and meeting all sorts of people. Summer is the best time for the children to partake in new adventures. The kids are enjoying my birthday books. =)
Summer Reading 3
Summer Reading 2

Birthday Books and a Pet Show

July 24th was my birthday and it was the best weather day so far this July! Cool, at times cold, and no humidity! We went to a book sale at a local Episcopal church and scored on a lot of great classics. I had an internet friend visit from Alabama, which was super awesome! I showed her this tiny little town and stopped for a bite to eat at my friend’s restaurant. Then to finish the day, Anna begged me to let her take a kitten to the local pet show, which her best friend was going to along with Flurry the goldfish. I gave in and we went. Peaches ended up winning 1st place in unusual markings, 2nd place for prettiest eyes, and 3rd place for fluffiest-though technically he should have won 1st place for that. haha =P It was a great day.
Peaches, the winner

Good reading

Ginger invasion!

The Reader

My son has been wanting to participate more in front of the camera, as opposed to behind the scenes helping out. He’s at an age where I’m cautious about making him appear too young, or too goofy in a not-on-purpose way.  So the obvious option was something to do with books. He’s a serious reader. He inherited my problem of not being able to put down a book. There’s no ‘savoring’ of stories, there’s only, “OH MAN! What happens next?!” Then you realize a day has passed and you’ve finished the book.

The Reader

The Reader

There have been many times, when I’ve settled in to read a book, that one of the cats decides they want to also share in this time.  I’ve never really confirmed whether or not they like the stories, but that’s irrelevant. =)

the reader

While I was painting this, I was reminded of a picture I took of my daughter reading and our cat Merlin curling up with her.


Walking to School

This is something I think we only did when we lived Palm Springs, and that walk included a skateboard. In Los Angeles I rode the bus with *the* coolest driver, Mr. King, with his black finger-less leather driving gloves. But I digress. Here’s my last picture post for “school.” I’m moving on…

The walk to school

Taking a break

Books and Apple

This last shot Anna set up and wanted the photo taken with the Lensbaby.  I happily obliged.

A good read