Miniature Moss Roof Icelandic Turf House

Miniature Moss Unique Roof Clay Icelandic Turf House Handmade

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Miniature turf houses with mossy roofs! Perfect for your little terrariums, or to sit on a shelf.This is for one (1) turf house with a moss roof. The moss roof goes from the roof to down the sides of this little turf house. Each house is handmade, one of a kind, so no two are alike. Would you like the door painted a color? Feel free to let me know at checkout, and I will gladly paint it!

Houses are approximately 1 1/2″w x 1 1/4″ tall (3.8cm x 3cm)
Made of sculpey clay, and painted with acrylic paint.
The moss roof is reindeer moss in chartreuse.

Two coats of matte varnish to seal paint and moss so loss is minimal. Please be aware that even though I have sealed the houses with two coats of varnish, moss will still try to come off-similar in the way glitter refuses to be tamed! Some moss will always find a way off.

I ship via USPS First Class mail for domestic orders.
Copyright © Ryan Conners

Materials used: clay  acrylic paint  moss  varnish

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Weight .4375 lbs

Turf Black, Turf Grey, Turf Red, Turf White


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