Krampuss Cat


Hand Painted Krampus Cat Wood Ornaments!

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Hand-painted acrylic on wood ornament!
Krampuss Cats!

These cute, but spooky Krampus ornaments are hand-painted on natural pine wood slices, complete with bark on the edges! Painted with Golden acrylics, paint pens, and glitter! A coating of gloss varnish is applied to the front and back. As these are natural pieces of wood, the bark does flake off on the sides, when handling.

Sizes are between 3.5″ to 4″ as they’re not perfect circles. I cannot pick a specific size. These are very limited, I painted 7 and won’t be painting more this year!

I ship via USPS First Class Mail in the US.
Copyright © Ryan Conners
Materials used: clay  glitter  acrylic paint  varnish  wire  jingle bell


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