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Cats on Summer Holiday

It’s starting to get pretty warm here, so we bought one of those 10′ x 30″ pools for the children.  After the thunderstorms pass I’ll get it all set up. I’m sure I’ll end up wading in it too at some point this summer. But for now, I’ll live vicariously through these three cats, relaxing poolside, under some palm trees. =^..^=
summer holiday

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Norwegian Forest Cats

So I was looking at the fox tea party painting and thought there needed to be another tea party. This time, there had to be cats, so why not Norwegian Forest cats? Oh, and then a bear. Because what happens when you have two Norwegian Forest cats, having tea in the forest, and a bear just happens to come along wearing a proper tea hat? She’s invited to join them, of course!
Norwegian Forest cats

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Foxes have got to be one of the most beautiful animals. I wish I would be lucky enough to happen upon one (from a distance) in the forest when we’re trotting about. So far, no luck. We saw some while driving around the battlefields in Gettysburg a couple years ago. Unfortunately, it was pitch dark!

woodland tea party

Foxes and their den

Foxes for Tea

foxy sailor

Hopefully one day, I’ll be able to add some photos I’ve taken of foxes. =)

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Volvo Cats

leaving the city

I’m a huge vintage Volvo fan. It started with my first car, a 1969 144 Volvo. It was a beast but it ran like a dream in the Washington state Winters. Then one day it died and I couldn’t afford to fix it, I was devastated. Since then I’ve had 4 Volvos total. The current one is a 1982 244 DL with 30k original miles. It’s rough, probably because it sat for years, and no one in this tiny Pennsylvania town we moved to will touch it. Ah well… On to the painting! So I love to paint cats in Volkswagens, and a few years ago I thought, “Why not Volvos?” There’s a lot of us Volvo lovers out there, that also love cats. =)
Puddy and Merlin Road Trip!

One day, I decided to see if I could bring a painting “to life” with my own cats and Volvo. It was hilarious, and I spent most of the time laughing so hard I could barely focus (which is why the focus is off…). I’m glad I tried though, nothing funnier than seeing your own cats at the wheel of your car. The whole idea was that they were going on a road trip, and picking up my daughter on the way.Waiting for the cats

I’ve painted quite a few Volvo Road Trip cat paintings, and I think the next one with be a nice little P1800. =)

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The Robin’s Nest – Painting for the Day

the robins nest
Two curious kittens couldn’t help themselves, they had to get a peek into the Robin’s nest!

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The Puppeteer and the Fortune Teller

puppeteer and marionette
The Puppeteer and her marionette put on quite an interesting show.

The Fortune Teller
But it was the fortune teller who ultimately stole the show!

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Scaredy Cats #20

scaredy cats #20 by Kilkennycat
scaredy cats #20, a photo by Kilkennycat on Flickr.

The Scaredy Cats are a series I started about 6 years ago, mixing my love of old beds, with kitties. I should probably add that my own daughter is an inspiration for this series as well. To this *day* she doesn’t want to sleep in her own bed. She’s getting better though and no longer mentions the little boy who talks to her, as often.

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Yellow Volkswagen Bugs

One of my favorite things to paint is my Cats’ Road Trip series of cats driving around in cars, mostly VW’s. I’ve been painting this series for 8 years and still think there are more color combinations yet to paint!

rainbow yellow

To see some more of my Cats’ Road Trip VW series, click here!

I also collect Volkswagen model cars, or to-scale cars. I don’t have a huge collection, maybe about 15 cars and buses so far. They come in handy when I want to do a little photo shoot with my son’s Star Wars toys. =P

May the 4th be with you!

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Hello WordPress!

Apparently I created an account with WordPress back in 2008, and soon forgot about it.  So now I’m going to waste time trying to figure out how to use this, make it look how I’d like, then decide if I’m going to keep it. =)

the cat photog
I also have to decide on whether I want to use this for just my artwork, or for my photographs too. I’m a bit addicted to taking photos of anything and everything. Sometimes taking photos of things that I’ll later use in paintings. The two work pretty well together!

Puddy sailor
Anyhow, I’ll sleep on it and see how things go!