• Happy Summer!

    Happy Summer!

    Hello! I know it’s been a while since I have made a blog post. After I changed my landing page to my shopfront, I wasn’t sure if anyone would still see the blog. So let’s see if you still look here! It’s summer, and my kitties are all about having fun at the beach, the… Read more

  • There’s Love in the Air!

    There’s Love in the Air!

    Newest paintings and an illustration, for Valentine’s Day! <3 Read more

  • Mr. Fluffernutter Buttersocks

    Mr. Fluffernutter Buttersocks

    No surprise, but it seems like every time I order new glasses, I have to make a kitty with glasses painting. Sure I paint kitties with glasses all the time, and no I’m not getting new glasses every time, but this time, I am. This is Mr. Fluffernutter Buttersocks. He’s adjusting to his new glasses. Read more

  • First New Paintings For 2023!

    First New Paintings For 2023!

    Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been a bit slow to update the blog. Chrome and my blog weren’t getting along so it was hard to post. I hope you all had a fantastic New Year celebration! Here are my latest paintings for 2023. As always, heavily leaning towards holidays, with some random things in my mind… Read more

  • Playing With The Sunflowers

    Playing With The Sunflowers

    Newest painting is my version of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers…with cats! I mean come on, there’s no way the little kittens wouldn’t be enticed by a vase of sunflowers, especially with one hanging down! Read more