• The Robin’s Nest – Painting for the Day

    Two curious kittens couldn’t help themselves, they had to get a peek into the Robin’s nest! Read more

  • The Puppeteer and the Fortune Teller

    The Puppeteer and her marionette put on quite an interesting show. But it was the fortune teller who ultimately stole the show! Read more

  • Scaredy Cats #20

    scaredy cats #20, a photo by Kilkennycat on Flickr. The Scaredy Cats are a series I started about 6 years ago, mixing my love of old beds, with kitties. I should probably add that my own daughter is an inspiration for this series as well. To this *day* she doesn’t want to sleep in her… Read more

  • Yellow Volkswagen Bugs

    One of my favorite things to paint is my Cats’ Road Trip series of cats driving around in cars, mostly VW’s. I’ve been painting this series for 8 years and still think there are more color combinations yet to paint! To see some more of my Cats’ Road Trip VW series, click here! I also… Read more

  • Hello WordPress!

    Apparently I created an account with WordPress back in 2008, and soon forgot about it. Β So now I’m going to waste time trying to figure out how to use this, make it look how I’d like, then decide if I’m going to keep it. =) I also have to decide on whether I want to… Read more