• Final Halloween Ornament Pre-Sale for 2023!

    Final Halloween Ornament Pre-Sale for 2023!

    Ok, I know it’s hot out there, but Halloween will be here before you know it! Last pre-order was going to be my last for the year but I know some of you wanted me to do another in September, so here we go! The FINAL Halloween ornament pre-order of 2023 is on! Pre-sale will… Read more

  • Happy World Photography Day!

    Happy World Photography Day!

    Today celebrates a lot of things, apparently! It’s World Photography Day, National Photography Day, World Honey Bee Day, National Potato Day, and many others. I couldn’t possibly paint something for everything, but I did merge some of the things. Once upon a time, I took countless photos of my children while they were growing up.… Read more

  • New Illustrations and Doodles

    New Illustrations and Doodles

    I’m currently on my first glass of coffee, iced coffee, but the above picture is an accurate representation of how I currently am. If you’ve followed my art over the years, you’ll know there’s a very strong recurring theme of cats and coffee. Two things I cannot, and will not live without! I also love… Read more

  • Happy Lefthander’s Day!

    Happy Lefthander’s Day!

    It’s our day! We get a day! Go forth and smear some ink, fellow lefties! Raise your left hand in the comments to let me know you’re out there celebrating today! Like my lefty cat illustration? You can buy it over in my Teepublic shop! Read more

  • A Doodle A Day…

    A Doodle A Day…

    Keeps the dentist away? LOL No, that’s not how it goes. No, this post isn’t for one doodle, it’s for a lot of doodles! I’ve been dealing with a broken tooth causing severe nerve pain over the right side of my face, and a lack of my normal 8×10 wood panels to paint on. So… Read more

  • Halloween Ornament Pre-Sale!

    Halloween Ornament Pre-Sale!

    Ornament Pre-Order! Pre-order ends August 21st, and orders ship by September 4th. (dates are subject to if they sell out before the end date.) This will most likely be my last Halloween ornament pre-order for the year so I can focus on new Halloween paintings! I’ve added in three different road trip ornaments as well-a… Read more