• There’s Love in the Air!

    There’s Love in the Air!

    Newest paintings and an illustration, for Valentine’s Day! <3 Read more

  • Mr. Fluffernutter Buttersocks

    Mr. Fluffernutter Buttersocks

    No surprise, but it seems like every time I order new glasses, I have to make a kitty with glasses painting. Sure I paint kitties with glasses all the time, and no I’m not getting new glasses every time, but this time, I am. This is Mr. Fluffernutter Buttersocks. He’s adjusting to his new glasses. Read more

  • First New Paintings For 2023!

    First New Paintings For 2023!

    Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been a bit slow to update the blog. Chrome and my blog weren’t getting along so it was hard to post. I hope you all had a fantastic New Year celebration! Here are my latest paintings for 2023. As always, heavily leaning towards holidays, with some random things in my mind… Read more

  • Playing With The Sunflowers

    Playing With The Sunflowers

    Newest painting is my version of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers…with cats! I mean come on, there’s no way the little kittens wouldn’t be enticed by a vase of sunflowers, especially with one hanging down! Read more

  • Helloooo November!

    Helloooo November!

    Happy November! So I have been thinking, and while I’m working on commissions for the start of this month, I am going to offer only 1 pre-order for Christmas Ornaments. I have received so many messages looking for my ornaments and I wasn’t going to do any Christmas ones this year-I don’t think I did… Read more