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Zombie Cat Illustrations!

A new little series of illustrations for Halloween! Zombie Cats! Something I started doodling a zombie cat as I was waiting for an order of acrylic paint to arrive, and also while putting off de-glittering my workspace. I figured I needed to play on the iPad a bit. I cracked open my preferred app, Adobe Fresco, and started doodling. That’s how this little series came about! (I should point out that as I was working on the first two, I was staring at an empty glass of iced coffee, so maybe *I’m* the zombie cat?!)

Braaaaaains! Fiiiiiish braaaaains!
Zombie cat wants noooooodles!

The last one I finished is the lumberjack, which was a request from a great friend of mine. I have made him with and without the axe, but currently the axe version is up on my Teepublic shop! I hope you enjoy these creepy little kitties. Click on the image to go to my TeePublic Shop where you can purchase prints or t-shirts!

Fish braaaaaaains! Better watch out, zombie cat is coming!

Oh, and a bonus ghosty cat with some iced coffee because it’s honestly all I drink these days and it’s iced coffee season! Jk, it’s iced coffee season all year!

Just because you’re a ghost, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy that iced coffee!

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