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Road Trip Kitties!

I took a quick 5 hour road trip to Maryland a couple weeks ago. It was only meant to be a three day visit, but ended up being two weeks. I noticed my Volvo s40 was pretty loud while driving, and remembered when my 244 Volvo was the same…wheel bearing probably. So when I got to Maryland I took it to a mechanic that had two 240s in the parking lot. I figured hey, they obviously work on Volvo’s! Anyway, long story short, they replaced the wheel bearing but it was causing issue with the abs/anti-skid, aka they weren’t working. They said I should be fine to drive home and when I’m back on the 10th of July, they could replace it. Nope. On Wednesday I drove maybe 10 minutes out of town, had a car in front of me stop short, which made me have to brake hard, and we slid. Wheeeeeee! I said nope, not driving 300 miles without abs! So I turned around and went straight to the mechanic, explained what happened, and by this Monday we were back on the road heading home. I’m now home, and back to making art! <3

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