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First New Paintings For 2023!

New Year, New Me!

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been a bit slow to update the blog. Chrome and my blog weren’t getting along so it was hard to post. I hope you all had a fantastic New Year celebration! Here are my latest paintings for 2023. As always, heavily leaning towards holidays, with some random things in my mind painted as well. <3

Urbex Cats 2
Coffee Love
Bird Watching 4
Love Cat
Making Valentines
DJ Fang
Be Mine
Camp Meowy Lake (For Fri 13trh)
I’m a light eater…
I’m A Rabbit
Kitty’s Noodles
Valentine Kitty

3 thoughts on “First New Paintings For 2023!

  1. Love them all. Is the Black Cat Brews available for purchase?

    1. Thank you! That’s a really old one. I don’t think I ever put many in that series on print, but found one similar one I did. I should probably go look in my old hard drives and add more to my shops-and paint a new one. =)

  2. I love them all

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