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Mid Century TV Cat

I’m going to blame this idea on all of the Urbex channels I watch on Youtube. It’s amazing and sad how many ‘time capsules’ are left to rot. Houses left fully furnished, as though the owners just walked out. Most of the time I don’t hear the back story on the homes, either Urbexers don’t want to share for safety of the property reasons, or they just don’t know. Either way, the amount of neat old televisions left behind left an imprint on me…”Put a cat on it!” Today’s illustration then happened.

Deciding if I liked the light cast or not.

As a side note, I love to live vicariously through these urban and abandoned explorers. I once drove about 3 hours north to Dansville, NY to go explore an abandoned site, but upon arrival noticed all the sheriff’s notices to keep out. I called the sheriff and asked for permission to photograph and he was super nice, said he would if it was theirs, but it was privately owned. I’d make a terrible explorer. The second I see “no trespassing” I leave. hehe. I’ll link below the Jackson Sanatorium that I went to explore. Sadly I only got a few photos from a distance.

Jackson Sanatorium

3 thoughts on “Mid Century TV Cat

  1. Great print either way. Love MCM. Love to hear more about the urbex! Do you post your photos anywhere? I love love love abandoned buildings.

    1. I don’t do urbex myself because I’m too afraid of getting in trouble. lol My favorites to watch on Youtube are Broken Window Theory, Uncharted Travel, Explomo, and Bros of Decay. I watch a lot of other ones as well but these are my favorites.

      1. I will check those out! Thank you for the tip!

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