A New Art Endeavor!

Hi Everyone! For the past 15 years I have been painting my Kilkenny Cat paintings, and every now and then I would paint something a little different, and most every time I did I would get concerned comments that I was changing my art. The latest one really made me start thinking about what that implied, and honestly I didn’t like it. I shouldn’t be tied to someone else’s expectations of what my art should be. My art is my own, and it’s whatever I want it to be, what ever I want to paint, you know? Not everyone is going to like it, and I don’t expect them to-where it’s my usual kitties, or my 3 a.m. Monster kitties, or funky kitties…or Picklelips.

Ryan Conners
KilkennyCat Art and Picklelips

So with that said, I decided to create a second art profile where I paint whatever silly idea pops into my head, not specifically “what are the kitties doing today,” but just any random thought. With that, I want to introduce Picklelips! My new outlet for fun and funky paintings. Sometimes I’ll even paint the same subject, like a KilkennyCat vs Picklelips kind of thing…which I’ve already done twice! If you’re interested in following the Picklelips Art, you can find it on Twitter @PicklelipsArt, Instagram @PicklelipsArt, Facebook @Picklelips.

5 thoughts on “A New Art Endeavor!

  1. Hello Again, I just realized that my old handle “obrien6313”, is being displayed. DOH! For my personal missives I use KatPa2288. Yep, I’m the guy who purchased “The Sailor and The Giant Fish.” They haven’t arrived in town yet, and that’s…okay. When I first saw the Picklelips’s version of “TS&TGF”, I loved it. Is it for sale? If so, I would very much like to purchase it. I liken the two paintings to Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. Please advise. Thanks!

      1. Hi Ryan. What a bittersweet moment I’m experiencing right now. Che sarà sarà. I do thank you for the print though. Is it possible that it’s mounted? I will gladly pay for the frame, the mounting and the S&H. Please let me know, okay? Here’s a task that I hope you can check on and correct if necessary. I just purchased 3 Irish Step Dancers and I fear that I did not specify that I wanted magnets. The order # is 4288. Please advise. Go raibh maith agat!

      2. Oh it’s a good thing you mentioned that about the Irish Dancers-magnets weren’t an option for them, which is why you didn’t see it. I will see if I can clip off the pin stem and put a magnet on!

      3. Thanks, Ryan. They’re too cute! I thought I saw it but I forgot to re-check my order. Another hypothyroidic moment. <[:{)

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