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New Handmade Pins With a Touch of Green!


So, I was planning on announcing a limited run of new pins today or tomorrow, but that’s been pushed back until probably Monday. Silly me thought I had the perfect spot in another room, high on a shelf, for the resin to dry. To my surprise, I discovered this morning that this shelf is not cat-free! You can imagine my horror when I saw my cute pins there, with strands of cat fur hanging off of them! ha…sigh. I had 8 pins, and now I have 5. (I mean it was a very limited run.) So now I am painting 14 more brooches that should be ready (and cat fur free) by Monday. 


I’ve got them all made, baked, and sanded! The vehicles are both going to be the happy green, same as the glasses in the finished pins. I’m still debating on if the vans are going to be white/green, or just full green. We’ll have to wait and see! 

Also, I am working on new acrylic pins at some point this weekend as well, using my dancing Irish cats that I will be illustrating on the iPad. So keep an eye out for those. 

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